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Goddess.com.au has been owned and operated by Australian author and life coach, Anita Revel, since 1999. Anita is making a new home at iGoddess.com and is making Goddess.com.au available for sale.

Advantages of this domain:

Consistently number one Google ranking

In the 15 years since establishing the site as the number one go-to site for women's spirituality and empowerment, this domain has consistently held the number one Google ranking for the search term "goddess". It even ranks higher than Wikipedia!

google rank number 1 for 14 years

Over 10,000 Unique Visitors monthly

The following charts show 2005 visitors growing from just over 3000 unique visitors per month in January, to over 12,000 unique visitors by the end of the year.

site stats for domain for sale

This second chart is from 2012 – at the time when Anita started moving over to iGoddess.itscom and stripping Goddess.com.au of  content. Even without any attention at all, and reduced content to boot, Goddess.com.au still attracts around 10,000 unique visitors per month.

site stats goddess domain for sale

14 Years of History

Goddess.com.au has been online since 1999. It has become the go-to destination for women around the world seeking information on "goddess" and the "inner goddess". 14 years of traffic has built up a strong and loyal patronage, and a level of goodwill that is absolutely priceless.

It's a Grade A Domain

According to webshadow analysis, Goddess.com.au is a Grade A domain because:
  • Goddess is a 7 character word. It's a good domain length and easy for people to type and remember.
  • It's a dictionary word. 

Included in the Sale Package:

  1. Domain ownership transfer: Goddess.com.au
  2. Customer support phone number ownership transfer: 1300 GODDESS
  3. Email database of 10,000 subscribers
  4. Content by negotation

Enquire Today

If you're seeking a female-centric domain that will attract hundreds of thousands of women, contact Anita Revel directly. No tyre-kickers please. Offers considered.

To enquire about purchasing this domain, contact Anita Revel:


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Included in the asking price:

Domain transfer: Goddess.com.au

Customer support number: 1300 GODDESS

Email database of 10,000 subscribers

Content by negotiation

No tyre-kickers please. All serious offers considered.

4 reasons this domain is so good!

1. It has consistently ranked number one on Google for the search term "goddess" since 1999.

2. It attracts over 10,000 unique visitors a month, organically! That is, without promotion or staff to drive traffic.

3. It has 14 years of history, loyalty and patronage from 100,000+ women around the world.

4. It's a Grade A domain!

grade a domain for sale