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Warrior Queen, Magical Muse, Daring Diva, Primordial Mother, Natural Healer, Sacred Sage, High Priestess...
no matter what archetype, this one thing is true: They're all Aussie Goddesses!

An Aussie Goddess is someone who inspires others with her authentic self and actions. Her work is in alignment with her true purpose, and she is someone we generally want to be around.

You will find an ever-growing list of Aussie Goddesses who have received this award, below. In the meantime, if you would like to nominate an Aussie Goddess in your life, here's how...

Nominate an Aussie Goddess

Know someone who changes lives? Nominate an Aussie Goddess with the following details:

Set your intention on world peace, bringing a project to fruition, or even to send love for your Self's or a friend's birthday.

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Aussie Goddess Award Recipients
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