Q:  Most e-Courses are simply teaser campaigns and expect you to fork out big $$$ for the "real" stuff. Why are you only asking for donations for optional materials?

A:  The free part of the Workout provides an excellent foundation to get you started. In fact, we are yet to find an e-Course like this that actually gives the content away to this extent! Giving the content away, no strings attached, is our way of putting an entirely fresh slant on e-course delivery. 

Together my colleagues and I are blazing this new way of information delivery, and we are very proud of the integrity and ingenuity with which we are doing it. 

Everyone at ChakraGoddess believes this information should be available to everyone, yet there are still bills to be paid to keep this e-Course online. Donations for optional materials will keep this service free for all.

Q:  Why are the donations in US dollars only?

A:  The donations are in US$ because my document download manager only accepts US dollars. We have been unable to find an Australian company who handles document downloads seamlessly with the e-comm gateway, nor a company that will handle multiple currencies. Sad but true. You'd think that with all the wizz-bang technology we live with now there would be such a service but as volunteers we are yet to find it. If you ever find one please let's know! We'd LOVE to be able to standardise the pricing in the store and on the electronic-download server.

Q:  Is it a sales pitch?

A:  The essential 7-Day Chakra Workout is provided at no charge. As every one of us journeys at a different pace, participants have the option to donate a "gold coin" for additional course notes. Furthermore, some basic tools such as 100% pure essential oil blends are made available for purchase, but again, it is up to each individual to choose whether these tools resonate for him or her. The e-Course can be completed with or without the additional course notes and tools.

Q:  I am a registered aromatherapist and I teach psychic development and I have a Chakra Meditation C.D. on the market.

A:  We are always looking out for tools to recommend to participants - if you're interested in sharing your product or service, please email us! Please do not send samples until we have agreed on a course of action by mutual consent.

Q:   I signed up for your Chakra workout out of curiosity and it is nice to network with others that have the same interests.

A:   We haven't got as far as incorporating a forum yet - this service is run on a volunteer basis so we don't have the $$ to invest in setting up a networking function yet. Keep checking in though!

Q:   I would not buy an oil from you unless I seen [sic] your credentials.

A:   Good point, thanks for bringing this to my attention. The blends were channelled then finessed with a qualified aromatherapist. He sources and blends the oils on my behalf, with a great deal of intent and respect. I think this brings a beautiful resonation to the blends 
that speaks to many people on many different levels. I am not a qualified aromatherapist but I can tell you from personal experience that these blends change lives!

Q:   You don't actually talk much about chakras in the e-Course!

A:   We all start our spiritual quest somewhere - not everyone can jump straight into a space where they "get" chakras and how they work. My interpretation of chakras and how they influence the seven essential aspects of life is an easy and non-threatening way to begin exploring the world of self-empowerment and healing. After completing this e- 
Course, anyone wishing to explore the chakras at a deeper level are well equipped to take their explorations to a deeper level.


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