by Anita Revel

Seven major chakras in the body; seven days in a week… Coincidence? Or simply divine providence steering us in the direction of the perfect one-week chakra makeover?

At last, a revolutionary e-Course that guides you to master the seven essential aspects of life that are anchored in the chakra realms. Learn about the seven essential tools to activate and balance your chakras, ideas for how to use these tools, and how to bring it all together so that all aspects of your life are aligned in harmony. 

Anita Revel developed this Chakra Workout by adapting ancient theories and applying them to modern practice. She uses seven essential tools over seven days to help you steer your life in a fulfilling and energised direction. The hundreds of tips, tools and exercises in her Workout are based on her personal experience and journey that led her where she is today -- happy, healthy and totally in harmony with the 7 essential aspects of life.

Anita is offering the Workout to you now as a free 12-part e-Course (obligation free!) 

About the e-Course

Sign up to receive the Workout in 12 daily instalments, by email.  Each daily email contains the following:

  1. An action plan for each day of the Workout;

  2. Details for how you can apply the 7 Essential Tools each day to energise the relevant life aspects embedded in each chakra point;

  3. Information about the 7 Essential Tools you’ll need to realistically complete the 7-Day Chakra Workout;

  4. Lots of different ideas, free additional resources and "further reading" suggestions;

  5. Access to optional support materials including:
  • The Symbolism of 7 - a 26-page report about the number 7 and how it has become such a prolific and symbolic number in our lives*;

  • Chakra 101 - a 10-page guide to the chakras and the essential guide to essential oils;

  • Seven More Essential Tools - a 19-page overview of seven other tools and resources gifted by nature. These additional tools are additional to the seven core essential tools that Anita works with during the 7-Day Chakra Workout*;

  • Quiz: Am I Out of Balance? - an 11-page quiz-and-answer document that gives you better insight into the chakras that may be out of balance for you*.

  • Comprehensive additional notes to accompany each day of the Workout*.

* Available as free downloads in the 'Diamond' experience version of the e-Course. 

Diamond Experience

For an energy exchange of AUD$19.95 you will receive all reading notes inclusive. Furthermore, as part of the Diamond experience, you will also receive as a gift the following notes:

  1. Chakra Recipes for the four lower chakras

  2. Looooooads of Chakra Affirmations

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e-Course Content 

  1. Intro to the e-Course 
  2. Essential Tool # 1 
  3. Essential Tool # 2, 3, 4 
  4. Essential Tool # 5, 6, 7 
  5. Promise to Self before commencing

6.    Sunday :: Base Chakra
7.    Monday :: Sacral Chakra 
8.    Tuesday :: Solar Plexus Chakra 
9.    Wednesday :: Heart Chakra 
10.  Thursday :: Throat Chakra 
11.  Friday :: Third Eye Chakra 
12.  Saturday :: Crown Chakra 

e-Course Cost

ChakraGoddess believes that everyone should be able to access and experience the 7-Day Chakra Workout, so is offering the basic Workout for absolutely free. 

You can print it out, share it with your friends, introduce it to your yoga class... the e-Course is chock-a-block with information for you to use at your discretion. (psssst! This doesn't mean you can plagiarise it or share it without due credit though!) 

To access the optional course material, however, it is recommended you enrol for the 'Diamond' experience. Whilst this course material enhances the total experience of the Workout, it is up to you whether you would like to invest less than $20 for the upkeep and admin of the e-Course.

Got questions? Check the FAQ (Recommended)

If your question is not listed in the FAQ, please hit reply to any of your e-Course instalments. 

Note: please put "Query from ChakraGoddess" in your subject line -- your query goes to a real, live human who manually checks each and every email that comes in. If you don't clearly identify your email it *may* be deleted.


A Note From the Author: Ancient Theory, Modern Practice

I was first introduced to the world of chakras in my late twenties via a series of workshops run by a sacred singer and teacher. Life began to make sense once I incorporated the various theories into my daily practices - I became more settled, I was happier on my path and I awakened to the hundreds of blissings being gifted to me every day. 

Over time, I was guided to adapt the basic principles of the chakra system to work with the seven essential aspects of life - security, abundance, Self, love, truth, trust and joy. This new method became my code for living. It was a mix of the old (the ancient, sacred chakra teachings) and the new (my interpretation and application into modem life.) For the first time I found it possible to marry the Spiritual with the Corporate and remain true to both walks of life. In doing so, the 7-Day Chakra Workout eventually evolved. 

I think one of the advantages of this Workout is that you don't need to drop everything in order to do it. You can simply incorporate the suggested activities into your regular life as it is now, so that you can form new, healthy habits and an inspired life for yourself. 

I hope you enjoy The 7-Day Chakra Workout as much as I enjoyed creating it.

Love love love,
Anita Revel

Independent Review  

The gorgeous goddess Jennifer Moore did the e-Course and blogged about her journey. You can follow Jennifer's journey at her blog, pink-heels. You will notice that there are many different ways you can interpret and apply the tips suggested in the Workout, as Jennifer intuitively did.

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The Revised Chakra Workout Tool Kit

This kit has been put together to complement Anita Revel's "7-Day Chakra Workout" and contains:

  • 1 set Goddess-ence 100% pure essential oil blends
  • 1 copy of Anita's book, The Goddess Guide to Chakra Vitality 
  • the workout as featured in Spheres magazine (the issue with Anita on the cover)

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