About the Chakras

The word chakra comes from Sanskrit (a classical language of India). The major chakras are often described as ‘spinning wheels of light’ or ‘energy centres’.  However you connect with them, you won’t find them in a physical form if you were to cut open the body – they are esoteric and vibrational energy forces that are intrinsically linked with your body and physiological wellbeing. 

The study of chakras dates back many centuries, and as such, they are considered an integral part of holistic health.  By consciously working with your chakra energy and the issues that relate to each zone, you should be able to bring your life into balance and experience a deep sense that ‘all is right’ with your world.

When all your chakras are balanced and vibrating at their optimum level, they integrate physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual facets of the human into a coherent whole. 

The Seven Major Chakras

The chakras are located roughly near our glands along the vertical meridian of our body. The name of each chakra describes roughly where it is located.  

There is generally an overlapping and sharing of functions amongst chakras, both physiologically and psychologically. 

The Physiological Role of Each Chakra 

The base and sacral chakras are related to generative and sexual functions, while the solar plexus chakra is related to the stomach and digestion.  The heart chakra is related to the heart and circulation, and the throat chakra is related to the lungs and the voice, including the thyroid glands, ears, nose and throat.  The third eye chakra is related to vision, the eyes, and the pituitary gland, while the crown chakra is related to the brain, and especially the pituitary and pineal glands.  

The Psychological Function of Each Chakra 

The three lower chakras are related to our raw emotions and biological instincts ranging from sexual desire and hunger, into passion, anger, pleasure and joy and other relatively simple emotional states.  The four higher chakras are related to higher cognitive states.  That is, the heart chakra is related to empathy and understanding; the throat chakra is related to vocal expression, hearing, and the ability to communicate; the third eye chakra is related to clarity and the ability to understand; and the crown chakra is related to deep understanding and comprehension on a spiritual level.

How They Affect Our Lives

Each chakra represents one of the seven essential facets of life – foundation, abundance, self-ownership, love, truth, trust and faith.  

The major chakras and their life-aspect are as follows:  

Base :: Foundation 

Sacral ::  Abundance 

Solar Plexus ::  Self-ownership 

Heart ::  Love 

Throat ::  Expression 

Third Eye ::  Wisdom 

Crown ::  Faith




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