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Hi, Anita Revel here. I'm the "Chakra Goddess"... creatrix of  another popular site for women's self-empowerment, best-selling author, prolific columnist for United Press International, proud Australian, prouder mum... Looking forward to sharing insights and stories about your empowerment and growth as you journey this road with me.

pssst: a pronunciation tip: my surname is pronounced rev-ELL, like the verb, "to celebrate".

What to expect at this site... 

Hundreds of tips, tools and exercises to get you happy, healthy and totally in harmony with all aspects of your life. Sounds good huh?! Well, it is! :-)


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Play the Chakra Goddess Oracle

Play with the fun little online oracle that has been optimised for your phone browser. Which goddess energy is with you today? Find out!

i Goddess
the meditation movie 

The "i Goddess" meditation movie was inspired by goddess one Monday morning, and was on YouTube by Tuesday morning. By Wednesday morning it has earned 13 honours and growing!

It is based on a poem about the elements, and how goddess presents herself in our daily lives. View the movie for yourself...

Foster Your Child's Emotional Intelligence...

Selena's Crystal Balls, A Magical Journey Through the Chakras  
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Investigate... The Seven Essential Tools 
for Chakra Vitality

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