Chakra Tools: Archetypal Goddess

Modern women have many faces. In just one day, you can be Ms Professional at work; partner, cook and carer at home; and Social Queen with friends. Using the ancient goddesses as role models is one way to get through each day with your integrity intact. 

The ancient goddesses were honoured for many reasons - for an abundant harvest, to keep the family and home safe, or to escort souls safely to the after-life to name a few. In this modern age, however, it isn't always practical to pray at a moonlit forest temple or to burn bonfires during an outdoor springtime orgy. 

So how else can a modern gal reconnect with the ancient goddess energy and manifest in her modern life? Simple. By being aware of yourself and making choices with intention. Every action, thought, projection of self, and treatment of others is a reflection of the goddess within. 

Being 'goddess' is about channelling and showing the strengths of the real 'You'. A modern goddess is able to tap into her intuition and trust that it guides her in the right direction. She is able to look in the mirror and say, with meaning, "I love you." And, she is able to act with integrity for her highest good at all times. 

Raise your conscious goddess energy to radiate confidence, innate beauty and inspired joy - your authentic self.

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