Chakra Tools: Sounds

Our voice connects our cognitive self to the physical world. When they are hit by sound waves, they resonate with the energy of each tone or 'shape' of the sound. Personally, I think this is one reason children (and parents!) love Selena's Crystal Balls, A Magical Journey Through the Chakras so much - the rhythm of the story creates a "rocking motion" in the readers, an action that engages the base and sacral chakras.

Singing, chanting and toning are other ways to get energy flowing along the chakra meridian. Likewise, sound waves coming into the body (not necessarily through your ears!) help massage your physical and auric bodies, giving you a sense of improved wellbeing. 

The seven notes in the musical scale each correspond to a chakra. You can simply hum in each tone as required, but for the 'tone-deaf' amongst us, there are many other ways to balance chakras via sound. 

  • Listen to recorded chants or Tibetan bowls in each tone, remembering to listen for the 'sound of silence' also. 
  • Tuning forks are a little hit and miss at maintaining notes, but a good one can make different wavelengths. 
  • There's nothing like going wild on drums to release bottled up emotions, or floating on flutes to get expressive energy flowing, or pulling on the heartstrings with the violin and harp. 
  • You may even choose to simply listen to a therapist's voice, or sing along to a song that helps you move emotion and energy through your body.
  • Remember Sounds of Music? The seven musical notes of the diatonic scale are represented as sounds: do, rei, me, fa, so, la, te - as made famous in this movie.

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Buy the Book: Selena's Crystal Balls, A Magical Journey Through the Chakras

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