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The CHAKRA ORACLE - Goddess Guidance For Life
Empower your life and energise your chakras with these inspirational card sets

The Chakra Oracle is Anita Ryan 2005 of Western Australia. Enquiries can be directed by email or snail-mail to PO Box 1800, Margaret River WA 6285, Australia.

Imagine how beautiful it is to live each day filled with vitality, a sense of purpose, a feeling of fulfilled wholeness, and a profound awareness of gratitude for all the good things in life. 

It is possible to achieve this deep-seated contentedness - even bliss - with vibrant and healthy chakras. You can achieve higher vibration in your chakra with the help of the inspirational messages in 'The Chakra Oracle'.

Each set contains seven messages from goddesses whose attributes resonate with each chakra. She tells you how a chakra imbalance may be affecting your life, and explains ways to access the powerful life force to energise and restore balance in your life.

Amaterasu ::
Aphrodite ::
Astarte ::
Artemis ::
Athena ::
Baba Yaga ::
Bast ::
Baubo ::
Bodicea ::
Brigid ::
Caffeina ::
Calypso ::
Ceres ::
Cerridwen ::
Circe ::
Demeter ::
Diana ::
Eostre ::
Epona ::
Fortuna ::
Freja ::
Gaia ::
Ge ::
Hathor ::
Hecate ::
Hestia ::
Hina  ::
Iambe ::
Inanna ::
Ishtar ::
Isis ::
IxChel ::
Juno ::
Kali ::
Kwan Yin ::
Lilith ::
Maia ::
Medusa ::
Nuit ::
Oshun ::
Oya ::
Pallas ::
Pele ::
Persephone ::
Rhiannon ::
Tara ::
Tyche ::
Venus ::
Vesta ::
Yemaya ::



























ISBN 0 9757451 0 7

The Foundation Set contains goddess messages aimed to help you feel more at home in your world. Get grounded in goddess wisdom before continuing with your journey. The goddess messages:
Freja - Feel Passion
Baubo - Laugh Out Loud
AstarteBe Resilient
Kwan Yin - Embody Love
Fortuna - Find Fortune
HathorReinvent Yourself
Spider Woman - Believe in Dreams

Price: AU $10 

"A wealth of information on those cards."
Felecia Fischer

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The Inspiration Set contains goddess messages aimed to help you feel inspired, nurtured and creative. Get inspired with goddess wisdom and support before embarking on your next dream. The goddess messages:
KaliEmbrace Change
Ceres - Nourish Body+Soul
Pele - Inspire Vitality
Amaterasu - Radiate Light
RhiannonUse Your Voice
Baba Yaga - Have Faith
CirceSee Choices

Price: AU $10 

"A wealth of information on those cards."
Felecia Fischer



The Empowerment Set helps you connect with the ultimate source of power your own! Achieve your dream with intent, knowing that your inner goddess is truly alive within you. The seven goddesses and their attributes:
Cordelia - Stand Firm
Aphrodite - Emit Magnetism
Oya - Simplify Matters
Hina - Promote Growth
Medusa - Articulate Your Needs
Isis - Trust Your Choices
Hecate - Follow Your Intuition

Price: AU $10 

"A wealth of information on those cards."
Felecia Fischer



The Connection Set encourages women to connect with their true essence, with each other, and with the earth to achieve a sense of joy. The seven goddesses and their attributes:
Gaia - Exist in Peace
Demeter -
Stay Determined
Persephone -
Prove Personal Power
Tara -
Practise Compassion
Sri Laxmi -
Deserve Abundance
Cerridwen -
Manifest Magic
IxChel -
Revel in Womanhood

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(eta October 2005)
The Self-Expression Set gives women the permission to find their voice and speak their truth. Experience a sense of freedom when you are able to express your needs with dignity and tact. The seven goddesses and their attributes:
Lilith - Strive for Balance
Eostre -
Seek Fresh Starts
Diana -
Pursue Adventure
Hestia -
Learn to 'Be'
Athena -
Speak Your Truth
Brigid -
See Your Path
Yemaya -
Find Comfort

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(eta December 2005)
The Trust Set reveals that there are many kinds of trust in self, in others and in the Universe. Goddess wisdom enables women to see the big picture and trust in their destiny. The seven goddesses and their attributes:
Artemis - Stay Strong
Ishtar -
Discover the Divine
Bodicea -
Focus Your Energy
Juno -
Connect With Others
Iambe -
Play With Words
Inanna -
Be Perfectly Honest
Bast -
Relish Joy

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(eta March 2006)
The Wisdom Set facilitates a connection with the greater world beyond that timeless, spaceless place of all-knowing. The seven goddesses and their attributes:
Venus - Enjoy Decadence
Tyche -
Create Luck
Maia -
Explore Options
Vesta -
Nurture Self
Oshun -
Go With the Flow
Epona -
Live Your Dream
Nuit -
Experience Bliss

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(eta May 2006)

I was so happy to receive my Chakra book and 3 sets of the Oracle cards today. I love everything! I love the packaging, the messages and all of the information. I am Wiccan and a feminist and do lots of my own readings and research on the Goddess. I also love vibrational healing. You have combined both of my passions into a great product. Thank you for your vision and action. 

Gratitude and Love, BB Jan

The Goddess And Her Chakra Energy

I have read several books on the chakras (including Myss' "Anatomy of the Spirit"). I don't consider myself any kind of an authority, though. To the contrary, I very much think of myself as a beginner---and from this stand point, I must say this is one of the best explanations I have yet to read on the subject. 

The writing is clear, concise, and easily understood. The contributing energies from color, aroma, gemstone et al. were very helpful. I was especially impressed with the mediations (which I've never seen before) and the Goddess correspondences.

Many congratulations on this work. I think it's great! animatqua

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