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Don't miss out on another Wild Woman Weekend... Register your interest in advance and you'll be notified before tickets go on sale for next year's event. To register, simply fill out the form below and hit "Here's My Entry!" This entry form is sent by email. If your system doesn't support this, please forward your entry to Anita directly at (mark your subject line with "Register for Wild Woman Weekend")
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If you would like to become a member of the innergoddess group and hear about news and events related to women's wellbeing, sign up here - it is free to join and your privacy is assured.



Q You've got a pretty cool site here! How do I become a member?
Membership is free. To receive your weekly fix of goddess inspiration, simply email and I'll do the rest :-)

Q I've got more questions - how do I contact you?
Simply send me an email

Feel beautiful, sassy and inspired in a 

A Goddess Playshop is a group of fun-loving friends/ clients/ colleagues who get together to reconnect with their inner goddess in a safe and nurturing space.


You've heard the saying... take your hobby and make it your job in order to be truly happy at work... Now you can really achieve this by becoming a Playshop facilitator.

Who is your goddess archetype? 
Get your personalised 20- page report here.

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