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Virtual Book Tour: Selena's Crystal Balls
Climb aboard for this Magical Journey through dozens of fabulous blogs and sites!

All aboard! Welcome to Anita Ryan-Revel's Virtual Book Tour celebrating the release of Selena's Crystal Balls, A Magical Journey Through the Chakras, and you have a free ticket to ride! We're embarking on a Magical Journey Through the Chakras and dozens of brilliant blogs and websites along the way... 

A Virtual Book Tour is just like a real book tour, but without the bricks and mortar. Instead I'll be popping in to visit some pretty spectacular blogs and websites around the world to discuss a wide range of topics -- education, Spirit, children's spirituality, divination techniques, crystals, education, (the list goes on), and some games and quizzes to play along the way too.. 

The co-creators of this Book Tour are as diverse and gifted as the communities we live in. Enjoy your visits and what each and every one of these precious goddess sisters (and brothers!) has to offer.

Click on each date for more info about each event

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
  June 1  Anita is the Guest Star at
June 4
Inner Goddess group
June 5  Damian Carr's kids review at his site June 6   Win 1 of 5 Moon Rites books TheFemininePath June 7   Win $65 chakra pendant Mags Moon June 8  Get energised at Chakradance
June 11
Inner Goddess group
June 12  Win a Chakra Healing CD at GoddessHealing June 13  Witness Law of Attraction live!  Cath Wood June 14  See Soraya Bradley's beautiful art June 15  
Entrepreneurial women unite here
June 18
Inner Goddess group
June 19  Meet inspirational gals at SureWoman June 20  We go to Hong Kong to meet a ModernGoddess June 21  Win chakra posters ++ at IndigoKidz June 22  Perfect mom-free zone Cool Moms Rule
June 25
Inner Goddess group
June 26  Meet the ever-inspirational Leanne Synan June 27  Address some issues at Addiction Alchemy June 28 Get revitalised at 1300therapy June 29 Win $500 goodies Universal Life Tools

About Selena's Crystal Balls, A Magical Journey Through the Chakras 

Selena's Crystal Balls is a full-colour illustrated delight that takes you and your child on a journey of the chakras - the energy centers that rule every aspect of your life. Share this journey together to increase feelings of security, creativity, empowerment, love, communication, vision and joy. More

Ship from Australia AUD $19.95 Ship from USA USD $15.50



What the Media Has to Say 

Angelic Bliss with Mermandi Gabbler

"I've got a little girl, she's nearly a year old now... and she astounded me yesterday. we went into her room for a little play time  before her sleep, and ... she keeps grabbing your book and bringing it to me."

"It has made me think a lot about different things in my life that makes me look at the different chakras and how balanced I am."

"From both of us, thank you for writing the book!"


Meet the Co-Creators

June 1: three2seven is a website for women who love humour, style, gossip and everything fabulous. Imagine Sex And The City in a blog format with loads of entertainment extras and cool guest stars. It's written for women by women in hopes of providing a place for women to come together and bond through laughter and relating about the day to day realities of life.

June 4: The Inner Goddess group newsletter goes out.

June 5: Be The Change Tread The Path is inspired by Damian Carr's own journey through life, his family, children and his own quest for personal, emotional and spiritual development. His children are reviewing Selena's Crystal Balls, A Magical Journey Through the Chakras as part of the Tour, and he is offering a free tarot reading to one lucky visitor.

June 6: The Feminine Path is is another name for everyday life. It's a woman's path to wholeness, personal power, wisdom and joy. There are as many branches to this path as there are different women. We're all individuals, but we all have the right to reclaim our female birthright to creativity, intuition, self-respect, personal power and soulful connections.

June 7: Mags Moon produces "wearable art", a series of unique pendants and earrings, hand-crafted in Sydney, Australia. The designs are enclosed in a sterling silver case, sealed with a crystal disc and strung with semi-precious stones. The designer, Maryanne McDonald, has a small chakra pendant to give away to one lucky goddess during my Virtual Book Tour... Simply find which page at Mags Moon features my visit and email your answer (put the name of the page in the subject line) to

June 8: Chakradance is a healing dance practice was created by Natalie Southgate in 1998. It is a journey into Self where the focus is on personal experience rather than performance. Drawing on a fusion of philosophies and musical styles, spontaneous dance is used to balance the chakras - the energy centres which in Eastern tradition are the gateways to integrating mind, body, spirit. Win a copy of the Chakradance CD during Anita's virtual book tour.

June 11: Inner Goddess group newsletter goes out.

June 12: Mary Marzo (GoddessHealing) is the creatress of the acclaimed Goddess Healing CDs that have reached best seller lists and touched many lives worldwide. Her latest CD, Goddess Blessings (Daily Meditations and Goddess Mantra Chants), includes a Chakra & Golden Light Meditation and the Goddess Mantra Chants have been popular with both adults and children. Mary is offering a free Goddess t-shirt with every CD order PLUS every 13th order will win a Goddess Blessings CD

June 13: Cath Wood is a Margaret River dynamo who is putting the Law of Attraction into action in order to build a custom-build circus training facility in the region. Drop in and see if you can help out :-)

June 14: The beautiful artwork of Soraya Bradley is characterised by stunning colour, beautifully feminine women, and a subtle narrative. One has a sense of walking into a long forgotten dream. Tell Soraya the "Goddess" sent you and she'll include a goody in with your purchase.

June 15: is the “hub” for women and organisations looking for online opportunities to achieve your goals, accomplish your mission and increase your reach worldwide. Representing the professional interests of millions of women around the globe, the WECAI Network™ is working daily to open the doors to networking, business development and leadership opportunities.

June 18: The Inner Goddess group newsletter goes out.

June 19: SureWoman is dedicated to raising the spirit of all women. Too often, we forget to nurture and celebrate our selves, our passions and our accomplishments. At Sure Woman, you can absorb experiences that strike a responsive chord within you or discover something that is part of another woman's journey, in search of her own place and spirit.

June 20: The Modern Goddess is a small business owner, wife, friend, lover, nurturer, social butterfly, life long learner, traveller, daughter, aunty, sister, facilitator, want-to-be writer, want-to-be artist, a mum of 2 furry cats... I continue to work at having balance in my life and inspire to do more in this world... really, I'm just like you! Nicole is offering a 10% discount off products in her store.

June 21:   IndigoKidz helps to develop calm, confident children who are able to relax their minds and bodies and who have a sense of inner security through meditation, relaxation and nurturing their innate spirituality.

June 22: Cool Moms Rule! (Perfect moms need not apply!) ;-) Vivienne is giving away goodies such as: Sue Dreamer "Dreams" Giftpak, "We Can All Fly as High as the Dreams We Dare to Live"; 8 1/2  x 11 Erase Board with Pen and matching "We Can All Fly as High as the Dreams We Dare to Live" picture frame; 6 "My Weekly' Self-Stick Notes, Monday through Saturday; 4 Sue Dreamer File Folders... and that's just as a first prize! Second & Third Prizes are a Sue Dreamer Memo Giftpak (Sue Dreamer 80-sheet List Pad and 60-sheet Sticky Notepad in each one)

June 26: Whether it is a friend needing a listening ear or a community needing a "Town Clown" at short notice, a client needing some spiritual direction or a teenager needing to know that they are OK, a partner wanting to understand their other half or a lost soul needing some healing, Leanne Synan is there for one and all with amazing unconditional love.

June 27: Addiction Alchemy is a self-help navigational system for addiction recovery that can help you transform your addictions and take back your freedom by holistically healing your energetic body and restoring your relationship to yourself and to the world.

June 28: 1300therapy is a simple online and off-line solution to enable you to find new ways of treating yourself. Whether pampering or treating chronic and acute issues, 1300therapy enables you to research local professionals able to meet your needs

June 29: Universal Life Tools is a gift from spirit to humanity, to awaken you in remembering how to live every moment in passionate abundance, achieving prosperity on every level in relationships, vocation, health, wealth, mind & spiritual connection. Visit ULT for your chance to win an Essence of Angels prize pack valued at over $500. It is absolutely free to enter, all you have to do is join us here next Friday for the Virtual Book Tour, and then email THE SECRET WORD to ULT. Watch out for THE SECRET WORD within ULT's interview transcript. The competition is open to all readers (within Australia and Internationally), and the Winner will be notified via email the following Monday 2nd July. Good luck !

Ship from Australia AUD $19.95 Ship from USA USD $15.50


Lots of reasons why you should own copy of Selena's Crystal Balls, A Magical Journey Through the Chakras...



1. It's appealing to boys and girls...
The stunning illustrations by Teodora Sirko draw the reader in to Selena's magical world of crystal balls, colours and chakra energy. Girls especially love the "princess-y" feel of Selena, while boys typically love the colours and how they make them feel.

2. It encourages conversation...
At each stage of the journey, Selena asks the reader a question along the lines of "what does this colour / chakra mean to you?" This prompt offers parents and teachers the opportunity to open dialogue with children about their inner thoughts and feelings.

3. It's good for grown-ups too
A "grown-ups" section at the back of the book gives parents and teachers the "inside edge" on how to ask questions, explore issues related to each chakra, and the chance to record their experiences.

4. It's educational
While the story fires the imagination and sense of fun, children are also learning about the energy of colours and how chakra energy manifests in daily life. They are gaining trust in their self-expression skills and enjoy a deeper connection with their parents and teachers.

5. It's unique
There is no other book on the market that acts as a catalyst for discussion between children and the adults in their lives, about chakra energy.

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