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 Wellington Mill, Western Australia, 10-12 February 2006

The Wild Woman Weekend 2006 is now over :-(  But you can live vicariously through these photos to see what you missed out on. Thanks again to all the wonderful women that came to the Forest Cottages for a weekend of "do what you wanna do, be who you wanna be".

Lucy Cavendish leads a group in 
"Morning Blissings"

Lucy gets some assistance in
creating the element of "fire" for the altar

This group of wild thangs created goddess "gnomes" and left them to protect Gnomes-

Brooke adds her touch to the
group's mandala

A Feast fit for Avalonian princesses

When the goin' gets hot, the hot get goin'... to the Honeymoon Pool for a dip.

Getting team tactics ready for a swim.

The Honeymoon Pool proved so irresistible i more than one wild woman went in clothes on, and some with none at all!

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Featuring: workshops with inspirational light workers, creative play, writing her-stories, making friends, circle healing, dam swimming, yummy Feast, forest quests, the famous Goddess Playshop and lotsa wild, wild fun

Register your interest in the Wild Woman Weekend 2007.

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