Wild Woman Weekend
Serpentine Retreat Centre, Western Australia
11-13 March 2011

The Workshop: The Way of the Wild Goddess 

Presented by Lucy Cavendish

The Wild Goddesses are freedom-loving, empowering feminine deities who can help you break through stifling, outgrown ideas and patterns, and offer refreshing, exciting alternatives and solutions! 

The Wild Woman Weekend is a unique and empowering, fun-filled event created to celebrate and nurture your Wild Woman self! If you wish to explore and reignite your birthright of wellbeing, health, delight, deep learning, support, nourishment and earthy, exciting teachings, join us for the 6th Wild Woman Weekend the way of the Wild Goddess! 

Discover more of your own true potential and your capacity for a life rich in meaning during this wonderful weekend! Who are we, when we free ourselves of our old stories, our conditioning and our outmoded belief systems. Who can we trust to connect and guide us through these changing times? Who are the loving, profound and powerful being s who we can connect with on a very real, practical and life-changing level. 

Be inspired, enlightened and empowered as you learn of the Ways of the Wild Goddess this Wild Woman Weekend. Each day will see us gather and explore the true nature of our wild selves, exploring our own divine aspects through the lessons and energies of these fierce, loving, empowering Goddesses. 

Featuring Wild Goddesses from a rich and diverse world pantheon, Lucy will share...

  • The identity of the Wild Goddesses, and demonstrate how working with Wild Goddesses can inspire us to live rich, authentic joyful lives
  • Authentic, grounded Wild Goddess lore and history, their associations, places of power, animals, symbols, stones and lore/law
  • Understand proven way to work with the times and cycles sacred to the Wild Goddess what to do, when, and how!
  • Meditational journeys to meet and work with your own Wild inner Goddess
  • Learn how to make a magickal talisman, wand or tool (to be charged in a group ritual)
  • Discover which Goddess to call upon, and for what purpose how to create true, meaningful relationships and exchanges with Deity.
  • Establishing a true and purposeful connection
  • Be united with your own Wild Goddess, your own protectress, guide or teacher!
  • Make a dedication to your Wild Goddess in a group ritual
  • Feast, love, share, learn and play with like-minded Wild Women!

The Wild Woman Weekend is a joyous, caring, blessed time of great fun, play, magick and creativity. We meet and create a complete world within a world! Featuring beautiful outdoor ritual spaces, including a sacred waterfall, Serpentine Falls, we will enjoy this unique opportunity to gather in a safe, nourishing, supportive environment, brimming with joy, wisdom and inspiration!

$555 includes:

* 2 nights share accommodation in a bushland setting one-hour south of Perth, Western Australia
* All meals, starting with a light supper Friday evening, finishing with lunch on Sunday, and including the luscious wild Feast on Saturday night
* A whole lotta fun, sharing, insights, new friendships and a-ha moments.

Bonus Inclusions

Each wild, wise Goddess will receive a treasure bag, brimming with keepsakes, treasures and treats

What you need to bring:

* A journal or book of shadows and light, pens, creativity, open hearts and love;
* Clothes that are wild and comfortable, and one outfit that inspires laughter and delight;
* Swimming costume for complete immersion in the magicks of topical waterfalls!
* The weekend is fully catered, but bring your own snacks and a plate to share


A 10% discount is available for concession card holders. A Returnee discount (-10%) applies if you have attended a Wild Woman Weekend previously. And, early bird pricing applies when you book your place before 30 November 2010. The codes you need are at the checkout for your convenience.

Only one discount per booking applies. 

About Lucy Cavendish

Many moons ago, a wee soul was born who delighted in the natural world, who knew the world was full of wonder, and that her soul was guiding her to create an enchanted adventure of her life… she believed, even while those around her told her that magick and the mystick were simply the imaginings of her childish self…

She knew differently: and she knew that that one day, she would one day be dedicated to bringing to life her love of nature, and of the Goddess and of magicks…she would share them with others, so they too could experience the wonder of believing in what lies within and beyond the sight of those who have been trained to deny their magickal selves…

Lucy Cavendish lives her life from the belief that magick is a natural part of our being, which, when worked and lived with, can assist all of us to greater integrity and happiness – which in turn has a ripple effect into our energy, our environments, and on our beautiful blue and green planet, Gaia.

Lucy began working more consciously with her innate magicks in 1987, when she fell in love with the tarot, and dedicated herself to the study of its wisdom, its history, and its workings as a divinational tool...Her studies took her to England and Europe, where she trained in magickal circles and traveled as her soul guided her… her path became that of the Wanderer, her compass was her intuition, her companions her magicks. Her treasures became the lessons she learned along the way…

In 1993, Lucy took her love of magick and divination, the seasons and Gaia's cycles to the next step, and created a magazine called Witchcraft... a publication that created community, and whose aim was to support and sustain those on the path to their magickal self...

In 2001 her Magical Spellcards were published in 2002. A year later, her Oracle Tarot deck was completed. From that time on, she found herself somewhat dazedly thrust into the public spotlight, appearing on television, radio and in print both in Australia and world-wide. Since 2004 a television special, Everyone's a Psychic, has aired regularly on Foxtel’s W. Devoted to assisting everyone understand and develop their own magickal self, Lucy co-wrote the program as well as presenting it.

Shy by nature, she now regularly gives workshops on her loves: the tarot, the isle and priestess-traditions and teachings of Avalon, and white magick, which became the subject of her book, White Magic: An Inspiring Guide to Living an Enchanted Life. 

In 2007 she recorded her first CD, and is preparing to record a follow-up, based on the teachings of Avalon. She is currently collaborating with Witchwood founder and dear friend, Michele lee Phelan on the Dragonfae Oracle, which will change the way we have access to the ancient realm of the Dragonfae, and bring into being a new tradition for self-knowledge, understanding and transformation.

She is proud to be a member of this Circle, which springs from the integrity, artistic audacity and beauty of the Witchwood, and which will birth publications, creations and artworks in which all can delight, and enjoy and go deeper still into their magickal selves…

For more information about Lucy, please visit her at www.lucycavendish.com

What people are saying about Lucy Cavendish

“I greatly respect her work. Lucy is a modern-day Guenevere.” 
Deepak Chopra.

“I have known Lucy for fourteen years now. She is a bright soul and a dear friend. Lucy is ultra cool and ultra magickal, and it is an honour to have benefited from her advice on making love and magick work in the 21st century.”
Fiona Horne

“Lucy is an intuitive and magical woman – an amazing, sweet, beautiful, kind and funny teacher who is powerful and giving.”
Serene Conneeley, Mystic Editor, New Idea

Lucy is beautiful - inside and out. A compassionate, gentle, inspiring and loyal friend; a powerful ally; an inspiring mentor, teacher and guide. Lucy is both humble, gentle and unassuming, but equally as bold, driven and focused. A true warrior, she doesn't suffer fools lightly, but has deep empathy for everyone she meets. She believes in nature, faeries and, most importantly, equality, while championing the feminine creative force. She is a true ambassador of her craft - someone unafraid to speak up for women, the goddess and the 'old ways', while the whole time offering her wisdom in a tangible, modern, practical way. I love her like a sister, and am more than proud to call her 'friend'. In fact, she has always been in my life as a mentor and guide. I remember picking up the very first issue of Witchcraft Magazine (about 12 years ago), and feeling like a magickal piece of my life's jigsaw had been found. I really felt a pride and heart connection to the magazine, but far more richly to the editor / creator of the publication - Lucy Cavendish, who is now my friend. I have never looked back, and I thank God / the Goddess / Spirit for bringing this truly magickal lady into my life. I love and respect you big time, Lucy. And I just want to say ... never lose your beautiful vulnerability. It touches my heart with such purity - like the little rainbow that appears as sunlight passes through a water droplet forming on a garden tap. Even now I have tears in my eyes as I picture you in my mind. Honestly Lucy, you are beautiful, and you radiate the magick of Avalon and cheekiness of the Faerie Realm with every breath you take…”
Scott Alexander King – Animal Dreaming

“Lucy is one of the most intelligent women I know – and she truly believes and practices her craft. A witch that bridges the worlds of old and new, Lucy is an expert on Ancient Civilisations who brings an intelligence and clarity to people through her empathy and understanding and creativity. This Magic Ritual Queen just oozes sacredness in all her work.” 
Maria Elita – the Miracle

$555 includes workshop, accommodation, meals

Feel beautiful, sassy and inspired in a 

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You've heard the saying... take your hobby and make it your job in order to be truly happy at work... Now you can really achieve this by becoming a Playshop facilitator.


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