Inner Goddess Power Party
The Inner Goddess Power Party is a premium service for women seeking
 tangible and wonderful ways to connect with their inner goddess.

Issue 1: Dreaming & Manifesting

Issue 2: Money & Mojo

Issue 3: Values & Virtues

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Inner Goddess Power Party is a premium service for women seeking tangible and wonderful ways to connect with their inner goddess. Each issue contains one or more of the following: a mini e-Course, a creative activity, an audio and/or video, affirmations and a sprinkling of goodies.

Issue 1: Dreaming & Manifesting

In Issue 1 of this series, we examine dreams, how to dream on purpose, how to recognise secrets for success within the dreams, and how to apply all of these insights in order to live for real... 

What this issue includes:

1. Mini e-Course: How to Dream Intentionally

This mini e-Course shows you how to have dreams which provide answers to your internal questions. 

This is a two-part process - first of all, we program ourselves to weave new material into our mental and emotional patterning; and secondly, we recognise which elements of our dreams are giving us guidance.

2. Soundtrack: Dream On Purpose, Live For Real

Before you begin working with your magic manifestation bubble (in your mini e-Course), listen to the soundtrack to get you in the zone. 22 minutes of easy bliss. Hubba bubba!

3. Activity: Make a Dream Catcher

Dream catchers are used for protection from harmful spirits, and to promote peaceful, beautiful dreams. Animal shamanist, Scott Alexander King (, gives us step-by-step instructions to weave your own dream catcher. The workbook also includes tips on how to consecrate your dream catcher and find out the best place to hang it in your home or office.

4. Wallpaper for your Desktop

The affirmation on this gorgeous wallpaper reads... As I dream and manifest, I awaken to my heart's deepest desires. Measures 1280x1024, suitable for PC. It has been designed to crop beautifully for Macs too.

5. Affirmations and lots more!

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