Inner Goddess Power Party
The Inner Goddess Power Party is a premium service for women seeking
 tangible, meaningful and wonderful ways to connect with their inner goddess.

Issue 1: Dreaming & Manifesting

Issue 2: Money & Mojo

Issue 3: Values & Virtues

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Inner Goddess Power Party is a premium service for women seeking tangible and wonderful ways to connect with their inner goddess. Each issue contains one or more of the following: a mini e-Course, a creative activity, an audio and/or video, affirmations and a sprinkling of goodies.

Issue 2: Money and Mojo

In Issue 2 of this series, we examine the intrinsic link between our self-worth and self-love - the relationship we have with dollars and sens-uality.

Issue 2 includes:

1. Mini e-Course: Money and Mojo

Money and mojo are the most powerful mirrors of a woman's self-respect. When we fail to nurture a relationship with our-SELF, we also fail to nurture a relationship with money - the tool which helps us feel secure. And vice versa, when we have an unhealthy relationship with money, we are more likely to have a diminished sense of self-worth within ourselves. This eCourse will help restore balance and respect for both relationships.

2. Audio: Make a Money Tree

Miracle Coach Maria Elita leads us step-by-step through making a money tree in alignment with the Law of Surrender.

3. Activity: Make a Money Tree

Traditionally, a money tree is symbolic of your wealth - nurture it and love it and your wealth will grow exponentially. This activity draws inspiration from the Japanese festival of Tanabata. The tree you make will remind you of your intention to attract money / mojo, and improve your relationship with self-worth / self-love.

4. Wallpaper for your Desktop

Be reminded of your worth whenever you look at your computer. The affirmation on this wallpaper reads...

I am worth it.

The image measures 1280x1024, suitable for PC. It has been designed to crop beautifully for Macs too.

5. Bonus Printable Poster, Affirmations and lots more!

Beautiful affirmations to print and hang on your fridge, your bathroom mirror, inside your diary or journal, on your office pinboard... Affirmations include:

* 100% purrrfect
* To attract money and mojo I activate self-worth and self-love
* there is plenty to share, plenty to give, plenty to take

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