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Hi Anita, I just discovered your site through and I absolutely love it! Congratulations on such a wonderful, smart, entertaining and hugely inspiring site.

Blessed Be*

Dear Anita, Thank you for your beautiful site.  It is a powerful achievement. You have managed to not only present your work, your path and yourself as both beautiful and authentic, you have also managed to introduce the people to the acumen of the goddess in a tangible, meaningful way, and I congratulate you on that.  I wish you all the success in the world.

Scott Alexander King xxx 
Animal Dreaming with Scott Alexander King

Dear Anita - Congratulations on a beautiful site! The information you include on Goddesses is just astounding. A wonderful resource for anyone wanting to reconnect with the Goddess Within! 

Green Blessings, Susun Weed

Dear Anita, You are truly the beauty, strength and passion of the Goddess in all her honour. I just love your website as it reflects the exquisiteness of your soul and the creativity of your heart. Many Miracles to you! 

Maria Elita

Dear Anita, I came across your site after googling the word Goddess. I was seeking like-minded souls. What I found was a beautiful site filled with peace and harmony. The goddess abounds here, and touches all who visit this sacred grove. Thank you for spreading Her message and helping us to reconnect with Her divine energy.

Brightest Blessings, Michele-lee Phelan

If you asked me who is the most vibrant, outrageous creative goddess on the planet today, I wouldn't hesitate a heartbeat before saying "Anita Revel."

Anita herself is an alchemical goddess, transforming dross (whatever the heck that is) into gold, no matter how "drossy" it was to begin with.

~ Sharon Turnbull
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Love love love,


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I am so amazed each Monday morning as I wake up and have my plans for the week and I pull open your emails and you have a goddess email there waiting for me. She always fits whatever I have just thought to myself and what I have planned on working on for the week. I just wanted to tell you THANK YOU and please keep up the wonderful spirit filled life that you lead! 

Blessings, Micki - Indiana, USA

I have to tell you how perfect your emails are - they appear at just the right time when i can feel a shift in myself and the need to call on another goddess for direction and guidance, wishes and praise, 

Loraine x

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