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Anita Ryan-Revel in the South Western Times prior to leaving for a seven-state tour of the USA in March 2007.

SW Times 25 Jan 07
Pic: Paige Berdal



'Be a Goddess' by Hayley Wootten, Busselton Margaret River Times, 30 June 2005

ANITA Ryan has had everyone from solitary witches, single mothers, corporate heavyweights and even a Catholic nun attend her Goddess Playshops. 

But like most of these people you would be forgiven for wondering, what exactly is a Goddess Playshop? Thoughts of burning bras, chanting "say no to bad men" and dancing around in circles are a few of the impressions that probably spring to mind, but you would be sadly mistaken. 

Even some of those who attend the workshops would struggle to tell you exactly what one is and what they got out of it, but all in all those who attend one walk away with something more than they walked in with. 

Anita has a long career in marketing and developed the Goddess Playshop concept as an extension of her website, www.goddess.com.au

Anita was invited to the United States to conduct six Playshops in New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada and California. They were so popular she decided to bring them back to Australia and get it started here. She did her first one in Australia in May and already has three facilitators signed up in Melbourne, New Zealand and New York as a result. 

So what is a Goddess Playshop all about? Anita says it is fun means of self-empowerment and a chance for women to connect with the goddess within. There's laughter and sometimes tears, but mostly those who attend walk away with a weight off their shoulders, even if they never knew it was there to begin with. 

The workshops expand on the theory that one needs balance in their life to feel at ease. "To see how this simple concept can change the lives of women, whether it's a small shift in their outlook or a monumental resolution to take charge of their destiny - is humbling and awesome," Anita said.

Anita spent considerable time blending oils which in a phenomenal way will indicate where your balance has been thrown out. There's meditation, there's sharing, there's affirmations and there's a chance to connect with specific goddesses. 

The workshops have a strong focus on one's femininity and strength. So if you want to reconnect with this divine feminine, a playshop is the place to do just that. 

Anita's most recent playshop was held at Angelic Impressions, Fig Tree Lane, Busselton on Saturday, but conducts them in a range of settings including in the home, community halls and the most memorable one was in a geodesic dome on top of a mountain in California. 

Not only are they held in a variety of settings, but for a variety of reasons, including for business seminars and hens nights, staff morale and team building; value-added services for stockists, mother-and-daughter evenings, or just for women who want to have a "good night in" taking care of themselves. 

Anita says she is in awe at how quickly word is spreading about the Goddess Playshops and additional products such as her specially blended oils. "I was on a train in Melbourne and this lady pulled out the Goddess blended oil and dabbed herself with it, I was so wrapped to see that,'' Anita said. 

For more information on the workshops phone Anita Ryan on 1300-GODDESS or visit www.goddess.com.au.

More About Goddess Playshops

'Playshop focuses on divine femininity' by Carol McGraw, The Gazette (Colorado), 7 April 2005

Modern woman plays many roles: Mother, Laundress, Chauffeur, Goddess. 


Yes, there is a goddess lurking in the psyche of every woman, just yearning to run free, says Anita Ryan, an Australian 'intuitive'. 

Ryan will conduct a 'Goddess Playshop' at 6pm Friday at the Heaven on Earth Store, 327 N. Tejon St.

This search for the inner goddess has nothing to do with a desire to be worshipped. At its essence, it's a way of honoring and understanding your own divine femininity, strength and wisdom - "the real you," says Ryan. 

In ages past, women were revered as creators of life and represented the divine feminine, the creative side. But over time they lost that 'goddess glow' - the deep knowledge of self, Ryan says.

Through her Goddess Playshops, Ryan uses such activities as affirmations and mini-readings to provide a nurturing and holistic place where participants can "drop their guard" and get to know themselves better. 

She also uses symbols for goddess archetypes that reflect women's wisdom, to inspire new ways to look at oneself. For example, Kali, the ancient Hindu mother, symbolizes unwavering willpower; Hathor, mother of gypsies, promotes a lighter mood; Pele, whose spirit is said to dwell in a Hawaiian volcano, represents channelling misdirected energy in rewarding ways. 

Participants will use such goddess symbols in meditative exercises, soul sharing and light hearted games to see how the symbols' attributes play out in their lives.

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Aphrodite ::
Astarte ::
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Athena ::
Baba Yaga ::
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Baubo ::
Bodicea ::
Brigid ::
Caffeina ::
Calypso ::
Ceres ::
Cerridwen ::
Circe ::
Dana ::
Demeter ::
Diana ::
Eostre ::
Epona ::
Fortuna ::
Freja ::
Gaia ::
Ge ::
Hathor ::
Hecate ::
Hestia ::
Hina  ::
Iambe ::
Inanna ::
Ishtar ::
Isis ::
IxChel ::
Juno ::
Kali ::
Kwan Yin ::
Lilith ::
Maia ::
Medusa ::
Nuit ::
Oshun ::
Ostara ::
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