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“Aussie Gals Want To Unleash the Goddess Within”
– Australian guide in the Top 2 of best-seller list

BUNBURY, WESTERN AUSTRALIA — The popular book by Australia’s own ‘goddess guru’ is set to initiate a whole new generation of confident women – the proof is in its #2 sales ranking by Brumby Books this week.

In a best-selling list populated with topics such as Reiki and Angel Therapy, the number one selling book by Brumby Books was also based on a goddess theme – Goddess HC by Toni Salerno.

The Goddess Guide to Chakra Vitality by Anita Ryan was released earlier this year, and has since been picked up by booksellers all over the country.

“The book gives readers concise insight into sassing up their energy centres – goddess style,” says Anita.

“Being concise is the key – it’s written in simple language so it’s not intimidating to beginners, and no chapter is longer than four pages so busy mums and career gals can get a daily fix quickly and easily.”

Feeling like a goddess is as simple as putting your mind to it, according to Anita.

“When you are connected with your inner goddess, you come to love the woman you see in the mirror as well as loving being a confident, inspired and intuitive woman. This book shows you hundreds of ways you can achieve balance and empowerment.”

Anita achieves this empowerment by providing an overview of the Chakra system – the seven major energy centres in the body that impact every aspect of life.

“Keeping the Chakras healthy and energised is one way to nurture the inner goddess and achieve balance in work, home and social lives,” says Anita.

“Readers can boost their Chakra vitality by using the energies of colour, gemstones, music, flowers and essential oils,” she explains. “These are all outlined in the book, along with additional sources of energy – elements, mantras and solid goddess advice.”

Advice on how to radiate a goddess glow is offered by 49 different goddesses.

“The goddesses profiled in this book originate from a range of cultures, so they speak directly to the hearts and souls of women all around the world – that makes it a very appealing book no matter where you live.”

In this book, readers can learn how the seven essential aspects of life can lead to bliss, how goddess energy empowers these seven aspects, how to recognise which goddess energy is impacting your life, and how to incorporate goddess energy into daily life and situations.

The Goddess Guide to Chakra Vitality is available at - home to the author and her thousands of members who receive her weekly inspirational messages.

Although the book is written in UK-English, a US-English version of the book was quickly stocked by – the world’s largest online book store, and it is now distributed throughout American and England by Ingrams.
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Anita Ryan is the author of and several hundred articles helping women feel beautiful, sassy and inspired. She is also the creatrix of various goddess-related products including the beautiful Goddess PlayshopTM which she conducts throughout Australia, the USA and many countries around the world. She lives in Western Australia.
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