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Media Release :: The Largest Goddess Playshop
@ the Australian Goddess Conference 2006


“Goddess Games for Breast Cancer” – Workshop Raises Money for Research

Australia’s own ‘goddess guru’ will be conducting Australia’s largest Goddess Playshop in October. Anita Ryan is taking her Goddess Playshop to The Australian Goddess Conference at the Gold Coast with the intention of unleashing the spiritual potential lying dormant in women – and raise vital funds for breast cancer research at the same time.

Author of and the best-selling The Goddess Guide to Chakra Vitality, Anita will spread her positive messages and in this practical workshop designed to affirm the inner goddess.

“Every woman is a goddess, but with work, family and partnering pressures, it can sometimes be difficult to feel inspired,” says Anita. “The activities in a Goddess Playshop are designed to help you shine with warmth and integrity that attracts respect naturally.”

Like all the work she does, Anita says the message is simple: Women need to take time out for themselves every day, to stop, pamper and power their way to inner stardom.

“But you don’t have to be a megastar to harness the energy within,” says Anita. “The goal is to discover the secrets of feeling good against the odds – as well as discovering much about yourself.”

Word of the fund-raising Playshop is spreading from Conference organisers – the Goddess Association in Australia (GAIA) – to ensure that this will be the biggest Playshop ever held in Australia.

The Conference will be held on October 6th and 7th, and will celebrate Goddess through art, ceremony, creative play, movement, music, song and spoken word.

“All up, 100 women are expected to attend the two-day Conference,” says Anita. “The Playshop is free to Conference attendees, but GAIA are committed to donating part-proceeds of Conference registrations to the National Breast Cancer Foundation’s research program.”

Breast cancer is the major cause of cancer death in Australian women accounting for more than 2,600 deaths each year.

“One in 11 Australian women will be diagnosed with the disease before the age of 75,” says Anita. “I can’t think of a better way to raise money for research so that we can improve the survival rate of those diagnosed with this insidious disease.”

The Goddess Playshop promises insights and answers from goddess messages, fun ways to balance chakra energies, and tips on how to take charge of all aspects of your life.

“A lot can be revealed through games and laughter,” says Anita. “The key is taking the time to access your intuition and your authentic self, and having the courage to let her shine through.”

Playshops also include unique exercises to foster intuition and abundance, such as an ‘Inner Goddess Tour’ and the ‘Affirmation Quest’. Participants also enjoy activities to promote empowerment, confidence and a sense of ‘goddess-ness’.

“Participants should leave the Playshops feeling invincible, loved and inspired,” says Anita. “I remind them that they are divine beings made from beauty and love, and encourage them to continue remembering this throughout each day with the help of tools that the sessions provide to them.”

From personal experience Anita says an easy way to keep the inner goddess healthy and nourished is to keep balanced chakras – the energy centres in the body that perform important physiological and psychological functions.

Her Goddess-ence essential oil blends complement each of the seven chakras, with each blend named in honour of a goddess who represents the qualities of that chakra.

The Gold Coast Playshop marks the start of a busy month for Playshop Facilitators all around the world, with many local Playshops being planned.

“Many of the Goddess Playshop Facilitators have been touched by breast cancer in some way,” says Anita. “Conducting a Playshop is a great excuse for women to get together, have some fun and raise money for research at the same time.”

The Goddess Playshop will be run from 10am at the Tugun Village Community Centre and is free to Conference attendees. To register for the Conference, visit or phone the organisers on 0424 713 959.

** Ends **

Anita Ryan is the author of and several hundred articles helping women feel beautiful, sassy and inspired. She is also the creatrix of various goddess-related products including the beautiful Goddess PlayshopTM which she conducts throughout Australia, the USA and many countries around the world. She lives in Western Australia.

Prepared by Heather Travers - publicist. Phone 08 9383 7404 for images.
Contact Anita Ryan :: 0404 495 846

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Anita Ryan
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Patricia Corner – GAIA
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The Goddess Conference in Australia 2006
Friday 6th October ~ 7pm to 10pm, Saturday 7th October ~ 9am to 10pm,
Tugun village community centre, 414 Coolangatta road, Tugun, Gold Coast, QLD 4224

National Breast Cancer Foundation

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