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Fresh from a whistle-stop tour of the southern US states, Australia’s own ‘goddess guru’ is heading to Melbourne to unleash the spiritual potential lying dormant in women. Anita Ryan is bringing her Goddess Playshop tour to Victoria with the intention of helping women reconnect with their inner goddess – the fun way.
Author of and the newly published The Goddess Guide to Chakra Vitality, Anita will spread her positive messages and offer practical workshops designed to affirm the existence of the inner goddess.
“The goal,” says Anita, “is to discover the secrets of feeling good against the odds – as well as discovering much about yourself.”

The Goddess Playshops promise:

  • a Lucky Dip for every participant to take home
  • fun with Goddessence pure essential oil blends
  • a chakra-balancing session with various techniques
  • play with affirmations and goddess games
  • mini-Readings to find goddess guides, and
  • lots of laughter, soul-sharing, pampering and fun.

Playshops include unique exercises such as an ‘Inner Goddess Tour’ and the ‘Affirmation Quest’ and activities to promote empowerment, confidence and a sense of ‘goddess-ness’ in participants.

“Participants should leave the Playshops feeling invincible, loved and inspired,” says Anita. “I remind them that they are divine beings made from beauty and love, and encourage them to continue remembering this throughout each day with the help of tools that the sessions provide to them.”

Anita’s newest project – The Goddess Guide to Chakra Vitality (Brumby Books) – is a book designed to help balance chakras via goddess messages and tips. With its simple and personality-laden style it proves popular with Playshop participants.

With what has to be described as the best job ever, Anita travels the world presenting her Goddess Playshops to women from all walks of life. Her recent visit to Italy coincided with fellow Australian Nicole Kidman’s promotional tour for her movie Birth.

“I took a bottle of my Goddessence Persephone blend for the solar plexus chakra to the press conference,” said Anita. “I chose it especially for Nicole because of the reports she has panic attacks on the red carpet. This blend is designed to help settle the butterflies and promote personal power.”

However, you don’t have to be a megastar to harness the energy within.

“My message is that women everywhere can take time out for themselves every day, to stop, pamper and power their way to inner stardom.”

Anita is looking forward to recruiting Playshop facilitators around the country to ensure as many Australian women as possible can have help to reconnect with their inner goddess as an essential facet of their personality – and more importantly to honour the goddess within to ‘get the goddess glow’.

“Every woman is a goddess, but with work, family and partnering pressures, it can be difficult to feel like a goddess and believe that you can shine with warmth and integrity that attracts respect naturally.”

From personal experience Anita says the easiest way to keep the inner goddess healthy and nourished is to keep balanced chakras – the energy centres in the body that perform important physiological and psychological functions.

Her Goddessence essential oil blends complement each of the seven chakras, with each blend named in honour of a goddess who represents the qualities of that chakra.

In times starved for things spiritual, this Victorian tour is sure to awaken plenty of interest among Melbournians who may find what they seek is closer than they think.

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