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(goddess profiles can be found at Step 4)
aphrodite goddess of beauty and love diana goddess of the hunt eostre goddess of fresh beginnings Demeter goddess of fertility and motherhood
Aphrodite Diana Eostre Demeter
fortuna100.jpg (5984 bytes) freyja100.jpg (7941 bytes) Iris100.jpg (6648 bytes) lillithRossetti100.jpg (12790 bytes)
Fortuna Freja Iris Lilith
Naked Flame Goddess of
Foaming Surf
Radiant Hea(r)t
Sossy's Kiss


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Below are some 10-second goddess profiles you could insert into your text field....  Simply highlight the text of the relevant goddess, copy and paste it into the text field above.

Naked Flame:
Goddess of the Foaming Surf:
Radiating Hea(r)t:


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