The "Which goddess am I at work?" Quiz: Answer all 11 questions, then hit "Who Am I?" 

1. My job is one or the other of the following...
marriage counsellor; workshop facilitator; teacher
actor; motivational speaker
interior designer; home business owner
lion-tamer; fearless entrepreneur
gardener; judge; diplomat
life-coach; financial controller

2. My strengths are in:
standing firm when I know I'm right
being able to see the light-side in a dark hour
communicating effectively to unite a team
feeling at ease with everyone whether they're the boss or the casual employee
bringing a project in on budget
rallying a sales team to succeed

3. My biggest challenge is when:
the "real me" is exposed
I'm stuck in a windowless boardroom all day
I'm doing repetitive work
I'm working 24/7 for no rewards for myself nor my team
I'm asked to cover someone else's role with little warning
the situation means I can't speak up to defend a colleague

4. My communication style can best be described as:
I help everyone see all points of view
dollars makes sense - I'm good with numbers
someone who avoids friction at all costs
a little bit stubborn - I'm not afraid to stand my ground
lip-service - saying "yes sir" smoothes the way

5. I handle difficult people by:
appearing as though co-operating but doing it my way behind closed doors
saying "ah phooey! scream if you want to, see if I care?!"
drawing up charts and diagrams to prove my point
being the ultimate diplomat
taking great care to soothe any frazzled nerves
looking for my hypothetical sword 

6. My ears only prick up to gossip if:
it is to do with takeovers, mergers or fair trade
it is constructive criticism
it is something I'm passionate about
it is about me or my immediate environment
I can get both sides of the story
it gives me background information relevant to my project

questions, cont...

7. When I take a tea-break I:
go outside for some fresh air
phone my other half
go and sit in a park
check on the welfare of my friends
surf the 'net for my favourite things
eat lunch at my desk

8. If given the choice for a holiday I would prefer to:
potter around the house
chase rainbows on a tropical island
help friends move house
visit the London flower show
head to the other hemisphere to escape the weather
do whatever gets my heart racing

9. My priorities at work lie with:
making sure everyone wins
transparent and easy communication between colleagues
a fair outcome for everyone at the negotiation table
feeling a thrill with each new challenge
being true to my needs and ethics
loving arriving at work as if it were a second home

10. My favourite feature of my workspace is:
a photo of my doing my favourite activity
my family photos
my 'abundance Buddha' or Feng-Shui coins
the fresh flowers
something that represents my authentic self
a scene from nature with a motivational saying

11. Ultimately, the best thing about my job is:
when I get my own way
that I feel very comfortable and accepted there
the financial rewards (for me and my colleagues)
the camaraderie between colleagues and management alike
that I can "yeee-haaaa" when I succeed
that it doesn't compromise who I really am


(If more than one window opens, you are influenced equally from that many goddesses as role models)

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