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About the newsletter

This is a weekly newsletter for gals with a weekly goddess message to help you feel beautiful, sassy and inspired. Enjoy her guidance and reconnect with your own Inner Goddess.

Note, whilst we honour and revere the great mother goddess in all her forms, this is not a "how to worship the goddess" service. The messages are directed more to helping you reconnect with the goddess within YOU. We look at the goddess' stories and ways we can encapsulate their energy, incorporate it into our own lives and learn to see ourselves as 'goddess'. 

Testimonials from subscribers

I am so amazed each Monday morning as I wake up and have my plans for the week and I pull open your emails and you have a goddess email there waiting for me. She always fits whatever I have just thought to myself and what I have planned on working on for the week. I just wanted to tell you THANK YOU and please keep up the wonderful spirit filled life that you lead! 

Blessings, Micki - Indiana, USA

I have to tell you how perfect your emails are - they appear at just the right time when i can feel a shift in myself and the need to call on another goddess for direction and guidance, wishes and praise, 

Loraine x

I live in Atlanta, GA, USA and by some stroke of pure desire... and luck, I came across your ezine quite some time back. Thank you for all your musings, rituals, fun, love and joy! You send emails I choose not to miss. 

Since doing many of the rituals you send and shifting into my goddess self on a continual basis now, my life is remarkably different and wonderful.. Thank you for the support right through the center of our Mother Earth.

Heart Full Love and Joy to you, Esther

Every week I feel so blessed to have a reminder of the love and power of a different goddess to meditate on. It is a true gift for all of us. Thank you so much for taking the time to touch so many with the Goddess' power. 


I recently purchased the latest edition of Spheres and it's fantastic! Your 7 day chakra guide is truly inspirational! I'm hoping to incorporate some of it into my daily life.


I appreciate this energy you have set forth and yesssssss ma'am you DESERVE ENDLESS ACADEMY AWARDS FOR BEING THE GODDESS OF THE CENTURY, IN AUSTRALIA!!! 

From Hannah in Texas 

 Hello dear Anita! Thank U for your e-mail, U just have a natural talent to make people happier. Thank U for every little thing, because, every e-mail from you is the most precious gift to me. 

Peace,love and Unity. Big kisssssss Marina : )

I was looking for inner strength as feel a bit lost at the moment due to a failed relationship. My mum said i should as the goddess for guidance. So i typed in goddess and chose your site.

Francesca x

I just wanted to say thank you for such a well researched, well written, and detailed examination of why we do things the way we do in Australia. I have been a solitary Witch for about 10 years and have recently started working with a few people who are manly book trained. I had found it quite hard to explain why I do things the way that I do. Now I know where to point them for a great examination of the topic. Keep up the great work. 

Blessed be, Sarah

Thank You for creating such a wonderful site for all of us to know our Goddess sisters around the world. There are many of us who feel alone in our way of thinking, your site reminds us that we are never alone and there is truly strength in numbers.

Blessed Be :0) Virginia from California.

Dear Anita... Although I never reply or join your discussion forums I absolutely look forward to receiving my "Weekly Goddess" (and affirmations)... It will be of no surprise to you when I advise you that exactly the right Goddess comes to me each and every week, for exactly the correct reason to further my knowledge and learning as I continue my "life journey"...

I just cannot think you enough and wish you to continue to send me these Goddesses and their related Affirmations!

Blessed Be... Adelle

Hello, Anita!

It's been a long time since I've e-mailed you, but I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all the inspiration you've given to me and to many others.

I have signed the Blissings Book. What a wonderful idea! We can all reach out and support each other there. Thank you so much for all you share! You are a gem!

Blessings & Blissings )O( RaevynKiss

Your Weekly Goddess Inspirations are fabulous... I enjoy them and get a lot out of them.. Keep up the good work..

Love and Light, LEXI

I read your article on "How to Marry Yourself" and found it very inspirational. After I clicked the link to your website I signed up for the newsletter because I felt like my goddess, "Oshun," symbolizes what I'd like to reawaken within myself.

Thanks for the inspiration, I'll be looking forward to the newsletters, --Barbara

I found your site by searching the web for anything which has to do with the goddess. She called me and although I am already middle-aged I am now on a way to look for my new spiritual path. And so I am happy to find your site to learn more about Her.

Love and light,

Wow these emails are always on time!
Jessica Kitty

Hello Anita...

I found out about this group after typing in "communication Goddess" into my Google search box. I was feeling lost and extremely apprehensive about a tense conversation I must have tomorrow morning with one of my staff and was looking for a little "divine support", I suppose you'd say and I am soooooooo glad I found this site because the affirmations and information associated with Hina is EXACTLY what I needed to hear at that moment. I then did a little further exploration to find some more career-related affirmations and after a few repetitions of "the universe supports my efforts in every way", I am able to breathe a bit easier and feel a bit calmer about my meeting tomorrow morning. I look forward to discovering more wonderful info on the site and am so glad that you took the time to create it. Thank you!!


Hey Anita, 

I found the site whilst searching the net to find out more about the Egyptian goddess isis and bast, and their powers/qualities. It is such an informative site and has really helped me reconnect with the inner power of my goddess, as well as providing me with guidance as to the spirituality which I have been searching for for several months now. Thankyou for running this great group!!

Love and Peace Justine

Hi Anita, I hit your web a few years ago and have been receiving your newsletter for the past 6-7 years! I have to admit that I use many of your newsletter on the different goddesses to make my own meditations according to need. I'm in a situation right now where I want to change many things in my life, and they are being quite helpful. Although I know that the answers are in me, they help to channel my energy and focus on what I want to accomplish. I try at least, the journey isn't always easy. By the way, I live in Barcelona, Spain.

Take good care and keep it up!! Silvia

i have found this group from the internet when i am looking for a more personal way of finding the goddess. that she is not only out there but also within me. lol. :D anyway, thank you anita for this wonderful thing you are doing. i really love it. and i was always kept inspired. what is more, i even made my starbucks planner with my own "love messages" for myself as well as "daily affirmations" about me as a goddess. all was of course, inspired by you.

you really helped me make sense of life and give me confidence in what i am doing. thank you so much. may the goddess bless you all the way!

peace and blessed be. Aries De Guzman just me.

I found you a couple years ago when I began studying the Goddesses. I belong to a Women's Spirituality Group and we have monthly rituals in which we focus on one or two Goddesses and/or a particular Pagan celebration. Your work has added to our discussions and rituals. Thank you for all you do to promote the Goddess in every woman.

Namaste, Kim

I live in Southern Indiana and have a Reiki/Energy Healing practice and am also getting certified as a Holistic Life Coach. Being in the midwest, people are just now becoming open to new things, so websites like yours have given me the encouragement and validation to keep doing what I'm doing and let the rest of the world catch up with me, this time.

Thank you so much for being out there.

Thanks for your wonderful website. I've been wandering around in a daze for the last week, as the need to connect with my inner Goddess became stronger and stronger. I was looking for Goddess images to inspire me (through Google :-) ) and one of the images on your website came up. I clicked on the link and was amazed at the extent of the information and the warm energy that emanated from it (and, no, I'm not confusing it with my VDU).

Would it surprise you that your style of writing also grabbed my attention?

Anyway, I'm feeling ready to make friends with my inner Goddess and looking forward to receiving your weekly emails.

Janette, NSW

All of this seems very exciting to me.  I'm not sure as to which site I was on, as I was spending the morning just surfing online and linked up with your web page.  I have done some study into Goddesses but somehow your website got me very excited.  It very  much resonated with me.  Thank you for letting me be a part of this. 
Many Blessings

I found your website and group by doing a Google search for the term "Goddess". Simple, I know, but I've come to a cross-way in my life and felt the need to change my spiritual direction. Thank you so much for this site.


My best friend/sister sent me to your site - that is how I found you. I'm very excited to have a weekly "push" to keep myself connected. Thanks for all that you do!


hi anita,  

i found your site simply by typing in goddess on the search engine of my computer. i am trying to learn to love my self and to not place so much importance on being in a romantic relationship at the moment i do see it as a be all and end all in my life but, never fear i am making progress. cos i know i do love my self and i enjoy spending time with me too. so i think i am an the right path ! But sadly i feel lost with out a man in my life. I have had a quick browse of your site and cant wait to be able to look in to it more ... you will here from me soon. 

blessed be, carolyn 

Dearest Goddess Sister,

I am an Initiate in the Sacred Three Goddess School, the Order of the White Moon.  I discovered your web site through a Sister in OWM who raved about it. I was delighted by what I have found so far and look forward to uncovering more about my own Goddess Self.

Much Love,
Ajna DreamsAwake

Greetings Anita,

A friend shared your newsletter with me this week as the Goddess of the Week was Cordelia. I shared with my hubby that I was the Goddess of the Week and he would have to attend to all my whims, he just smiled!

Wonderful work, thanks for sharing your muse with all!

Brightest Blessings from Cordelia

I've been very interested in things goddess like ever since i got a goddess bellydance workout video. Doing the workouts i would feel so enlightened and almost intoxicated at times when doing the movements. It really boosted my confidence and made me realize that i am a beautiful women and i am capable of anything i put my mind to. That was last year when it all began and ever since then i have done so many things and have had so much fun being a women with a whole new outlook on life. 

I consider myself a strong believer in God, and i do attend a church often, but i feel that the higher power i believe in isn't one to be feared as some teach. 

I am very interested in learning about other beliefs and any religions that are about love and peace and well being i feel very comfortable looking into. So what i'm trying to say is that i am not worshiping goddesses but i feel that every women should try to bring out her inner goddess and love herself and everyone around her. 

So i really love your site and what you do and i was really surprised at the first message i opened from you about the goddess Tara. I got bad news from my Dr. the day before and i have been having a few problems with friend and was feeling a bit blue and then i read about goddess Tara and it really turned my day around. Thank you so much.

~ Joy ~

Hi Anita, I'm Anna. I live in Poland. I found your site when i was looking for some information about Cerridwen in the net. It's wonderful! I'd like to have such a good site about inner goddess in Polish internet.

Lots of love xx Anna


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Love love love,



Testimonials from supporters  

Hi Anita, I just discovered your site through and I absolutely love it! Congratulations on such a wonderful, smart, entertaining and hugely inspiring site.

Blessed Be*

Dear Anita, Thank you for your beautiful site.  It is a powerful achievement. You have managed to not only present your work, your path and yourself as both beautiful and authentic, you have also managed to introduce the people to the acumen of the goddess in a tangible, meaningful way, and I congratulate you on that.  I wish you all the success in the world.

Scott Alexander King xxx 
Animal Dreaming 

Dear Anita - Congratulations on a beautiful site! The information you include on Goddesses is just astounding. A wonderful resource for anyone wanting to reconnect with the Goddess Within! 

Green Blessings, Susun Weed

Dear Anita, You are truly the beauty, strength and passion of the Goddess in all her honour. I just love your website as it reflects the exquisiteness of your soul and the creativity of your heart. Many Miracles to you! 

Maria Elita

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Dear Anita,

Here in India we celebrate 9 days of intense Goddess worship which starts today (new moon) ,this month, and the last 3 days are devoted to Durga, Saraswathi and Lakshmi. I wanted to feel and be the Goddess and was browsing the net and found your interesting web site. 

I am 50yrs and am experiencing the energies of the threshold of menopause.

As a Reiki Master I want to explore deeper aspects of the energies of the feminine state of being. 
Also I want to feel the loving acceptance into a circle of like minded women who are working on their evolution.

Thank you for your embracing acceptance and a loving hug to you!

Love and Light,

Congratulations Anita, you're our very own Louise Hay, it's what every women needs to know!

Bliss to u

I found your web site when I googled “goddess”. I’ve been enjoying your site for just about a year. It’s one of the best sites I’ve been on... I bought your book on “chakra Vitality” as well. It’s really great. Keep up the good work…

Crystal, Vancouver B.C. Canada

Love the site, love the weekly messages... Keep it up, I thank you so graciously for your messages and tips that always light up my life.

Love and light to you, Lesley

I love your site, and I love being a goddess 

Hugs and Blessings, Soozi

I LOVE your newsletter!! I have been receiving your weekly goddess emails for absolutely ages - over a year! :)

I find them so inspirational, something that I can read for a bit of a pep me up... some of them really speak to me more than others, and I find those are the ones I probably have more lessons to learn from!

I'm so glad that you are continuing these little gems of beauty, and even more so that you choose to share them with us :)

Thank you, and brightest blessing upon you! Nicole

Hello, Anita,

I just wanted to take the opportunity to let you know how much I enjoy reading your newsletter. Your bright, sunny outlook, and positive affirmations, give me a little lift.

When I see your newsletter in my inbox, I say, "Oh, Goodie!" and mean it! I devour each word, sometimes reading it twice, just to let it all sink in. Reflecting on it throughout my day, it does help to have the affirmations to think about if, or rather; when, something goes awry!

I also received the new newsletter today. Looks great, and will welcome more.

Thanks so much, Fire Dancer

While walking on the beach in Florida we found some Goddess cards, they are a little warn but we are enjoying them! Not knowing exactly what the meanings of the cards, I found your site. You have been very helpful in connecting us with our goddess' !! Since finding you, I have joined your newsletter and love to hear from you!! You have so much to offer and I visit your site regularly!! Thank you!!

Sending Love and Light... 
Kim, from Montreal

My first introduction to the Goddess was through Clarissa Estes' book, Women Who Run With the Wolves. I have since read all of Jean Shinoda Bolen's books. I found you through the Internet and have spent this chilly Appalachian morning listing all the goddesses on your website, and written for myself the affirmations for each. the affirmations are tucked away in my purse in my journal. 

Thank you for the effort to insert this information into my life. I will use it with great joy! 

Fondly, Debbie

I learned of your website from reading and really enjoying Barbara Samuel's book "The Goddesses of Kitchen Avenue". I have always been attracted to Goddesses, so anything with that in the title catches my eye. I have come to believe that all women are goddesses and we just need to gather the insight and strength to find ourselves. Thanks - I look forward to reading you! Love, Kathi

Dear Anita, 

your Monday newsletter today about Athena really struck a cord with me! I have been receiving "sword" signs for the past 2 weeks or so and was trying to figure out the meaning, but had no clue. I am seeing the word "kilic" (=sword in turkish) all over, surnames, street signs, etc. and was a bit irritated whether I should be prepared for a fight or quarrel or something, but when I read your newsletter today I realised it was Athena talking to me. Well, my personality definitely fits the description, always been a warrior princess, lol. successful though, but lost so much energy on it, I'm tired of that role. 

So yes, thank you for the reminder to strengthen my weakness and decluttering for spring cleaning.

Thanks, love Simi

I found by searching the web for spiritual sites.  I have been reading books, and doing yoga lately that have lead me to searching for a bigger spiritual side of me. I have to admit that I feel more complete searching out this side of me. I am grateful that you developed this site.  Thank you.  Blessed be!


I seem to open these emails at the exactly right time.....these always seem to be talking to me...

thank you, x Liz

All my life, I've never fit in : my parents and grandparents church REFUSED to baptize me, my collection as a child were not dolls or girly things but were paint chips (color therapy I guess), relatives title me "too strong willed" but I think I have courage of my convictions. Shamans always pull me out from the crowd. Was allowed to assist a Shaman in a ceramony when I was about 8 years old. Said I had an "aged soul." Remember always making "plant potions" growing up. Elder gentleman approached me stating I was an Ayurvedic (spelling?) natural. Potions, spells, essential oils, tai chi, belly dancing, self improvement ....

So, I came to your site by fate. It's a fantastic site. Just like me !


Hi goddess sister Anita, I found your site actually by searching Google using the question "how to become a goddess". I am at a turning point in my life, turning 40 this year, and feel that I need to begin to really let my feminine guide me and learn to enjoy it, trust it and further strengthen it without fear. So, here I am.Thank you so much for your work on this site and this subject :) I'm looking forward to this journey.

Best, Lorien

I came across this site while I was researching the throat charka because my voice has been unusually hoarse the last 5 days. A lot of what I have discovered on your site and othrs rings true to my situation and what my future holds so I am intrestd in what I can learn from this site and the messages it brings to me. I work in the feild of massage and after reading about the goddesses involved with the Throat charka reaize that most of what they represent is happening within my life, this is why I have subscribed for the weekly affirmations. It is late here now so I will rad this page in depth tomorrow and see what else is on it.

Goodnight Anita, Genevieve

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