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Bio 1  Anita Revel is a freelance writer based in Western Australia. She gets her inspiration from sunsets, dolphins and the fear of starvation. 

Bio 2  Anita Revel is a young-thirties (excluding GST) ineligible bachelor, motivational speaker and freelance writer. She enjoys writing things that raise eyebrows, tickle the funny bone and knock socks off. In her spare time (only joking, there is no spare time!) she is writing her unauthorised autobiography and reading rejection letters from Mills and Boon.

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Women of Taste, A Collection of Real Life Stories of Women in the Food Industry. National Food Industry Strategy. ISBN 1-920988-00-9   Purchase a copy AU$12.50 inc postage.

Chakra Oracle - Goddess Guidance For Life
Sets of 7 cards containing goddess wisdom for chakra health.

The Goddess Guide to Chakra Vitality - 2 versions:

  • UK Spelling  ISBN 0-9757451-9-0 (Australia)
  • US Spelling  ISBN 141165515X (available on and globally distributed by Ingrams)

Moon Goddess - Manifest Your Dreams - 2 versions:

  • UK Spelling  ISBN 0-9757451-8-2 (Australia)
  • US Spelling  ISBN tba (available on and globally distributed by Ingrams)


Sub-Editor and Writer: Food Biz Magazine


Contributor: Body+Soul (Sunday Times, Herald, Mail, Tele)

Contributor: Australian Wine Selector

Contributor and Cover Girl: Spheres

Contributor: Art Of Healing


Columnist: United Press International
                      (the world’s oldest privately-owned news agency)

Columnist: Bunbury Chamber Commerce & Industries

As Featured On Ezine Articles

Booger Prize Winner (not even Shakespeare can say that)

'Most Rejected' Author for Mills and Boon.

New Idea 18 June 2005


'South West Writer'    

'Viewpointer'   Bush Telegraph (Radio National)


Mind Body Soul guest presenter  

Radio Out There  'Goddess Energy




Goddess Guru:

Woman's Day 10 Jan 2005
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Fishing boats at Lautoka
Pic: Anita Ryan

Creativity Lost in Venice; Inspiration Found  The lowdown of a creativity workshop undertaken in Venice, and how inspiration was eventually found.

It's Fiji Time!  Taking a look at the Fiji behind the glossy brochures. Published in Air Pacific's in-flight mag, Nov 2003

Targa Tasmania   How a 30-something chick coped with following the Targa Tasmania rally as part of a service crew. Published

Nullarbor From The Driver's Seat  One chick's adventures across the Nullarbor. December 2002. Published in Living Now 2003

General Interest

MRI   A light-hearted look at a serious issue - Medicare inequities in regional areas of Australia. Published in Medical Forum, November 2002.

The Modern Goddess Makeover   It's easy to be be a goddess, even at work!

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When a stranger beckons
And sets in motion
A roller-coaster ride
Of churning emotions,

It's not so much that person
As it is our interpretation
Of what they can mean to our life
That triggers the commotion

Which sets our heart racing,
Our throat suddenly dry,
But best of all,
Makes us want to fly.

© Anita Ryan 2003

I love love
I love being in love
I love loving
And being loved.

But I have no love,
Love is gone.
So gone is my love
For lovely love.

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