Hundreds of affirmations to help you achieve your goal in your career, love, health, parenthood, community and more...

A positive affirmation can lift your life and help you achieve your goal. Such an affirmation sends your message to the Universe, and the Universe listens and responds in positive manifestation of your desires.
The affirmation must be a dedicated belief, not just an adhoc approach to "trying it out". You must be prepared to free yourself from your limiting insecurities and judgements and replace them with beliefs that you have unlimited potential.

There are many variations possible: they can be spoken, they can be recorded in your private diary repetitively, or written on individual sticky notes and hung around your daily environment.

Let's learn some more:
Getting Started
  1. Decide on a goal... Spend a few minutes (or as long as you need) in a relaxing environment. What is your real desire? Is it do with relationships? Or career, self-love, direction, improved health, or energy (to name a few)?
    If you can't think of a goal, do you have a negative nagging thought that you could turn around? For example, instead of thinking "I am fat" every morning, you could change this around to "I am healthy and energised".
  2. Believe without fear that your desire will come true. Know that you truly deserve what you are asking for, without guilt.
  3. Let your affirmation go with love and trust. To focus intensely on the affirmation after establishing it will stifle it. Simply return to the affirmation gently once a day to boost your power. Gentle, successive sessions will have a compound effect.

Some Rules

  • Always create your affirmation in present tense. Place yourself in the situation as you want it - to talk about it in future tense will mean your desire is always waiting to happen.
  • Use only positive words. The Universe does not acknowledge words such as "not" or "don't". So, instead of saying "I am not poor" (the Universe will only hear "I am poor"), say "I have enough money for all that I need".
  • Indulge yourself in the moment as your affirmation sinks in. Then, let it go. By not dwelling on how the change might show up, you let the Universe work her magic naturally.
  • Keep your affirmation short and specific. Focus on one key element at a time, without the clutter of many desires all at once.
  • Repetition of your affirmation means your desire can sink into every fibre of your being, settling naturally into your way of life.
Some Tips
  • Write the affirmation by hand. Write it hundreds of times, until the affirmation has imprinted itself into your subconscious mind.

  • First thing in the morning or last thing at night when you are your most relaxed are good times to use affirmations. Our minds are more open to absorbing behaviour-changing patterns then.
  • Generally, work with any single affirmation a maximum of two weeks. This isn't too long for staleness to set in, but long enough for the message to sink to every corner of your self-perception.
  • Dedicate your energy to every time you repeat your affirmation. To parrot your affirmation undermines its power and is a waste of time.

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Affirmation Generator

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Step 2:  Watch the affirmation appear in the box
Step 3:  Repeat (click or use your Enter/Return key)
Step 4:  errrr, keep clicking until you get one that makes sense! ;-)

Today I

Goal: Know that what you are doing is worthwhile; you are valuable

I am valuable
I am appreciated
I love the work I do
What's next?! (yeah!!)
My work is important
I am always productive
Success comes easily to me
I begin this day with confidence
I am me regardless of what I do
My team is qualified and capable
Our clients are happy and satisfied
I believe in our products and services
I am rewarded for all the work I do
As I succeed I become more lovable
The Universe supports my every effort
My work is always recognised positively
I deserve to be successful doing work I love
It's okay to be peaceful and ambitious at the same time
I take myself lightly while I take my work in life seriously
Every task I do is worthwhile and is part of a bigger plan
I respect my abilities and always work to my full potential

Goal: Shine with inner knowledge that you are truly wonderful

I am valuable
I walk in beauty
I am intelligent
I never give up
I respect myself
I can do anything
I am as free as a bird
I am free to be myself
I accept myself as I am
I am good and I know it
I am a talented person
I have confidence in myself
I am the captain of my ship
My heart is open and ready
I deserve to be treated right
I am a success in all that I do
I pay more attention to myself
I am achieving all of my goals
I believe in my gifts and abilities
I release my need to be humiliated
I release my habit of self-criticism
Every choice I make is the right one
My own expectations are exceeded
My insecurity is replaced with wisdom
At my centre there is a incandescent fire
I release myself from harmful judgments 
My existence is important to the Universe
I'm the best thing that's ever happened to me

Goal: Your body is a temple; enjoy vitality

I am joyful
I am letting go
My mind is at peace
I am healthy and happy
I am welcoming peace
I allow myself to be quiet
I am at peace with myself
I feel absolutely supercharged
Today is my chance to be healthy
My vital energy resurfaces naturally
I enjoy the food that is good for me
I am healthy in all aspects of my being
I have the power to control my health
I am in control of my health and wellness
I am always able to maintain my ideal weight
I always treat my body with love and respect
I have abundant energy, vitality and well-being
I am filled with energy to do all the daily activities in my life

Goal: Love without fear, love as you would be loved

I live in love
I fly with love
I love without fear
I speak my needs
I am worthy of love
Wherever I go, I am loved
There is purity in the quiet touch
Love is eternal and ever-lasting
Love flows into my life like a river
I am a magnet to loving relationships
I allow myself to receive love without guilt
My relationships make perfect sense to me
My partner is understanding and supportive
I accept others as they are, just as they accept me
The more I love, the more that love is returned to me


Goal: Learn to release emotions, lighten up

I am letting go of anger
I welcome forgiveness
I deserve to be free from guilt
I am a forgiving and loving person
I am blameless for another person's anger
I am honest and truthful in all I say and do
My strength comes from forgiveness of myself and others
I always maintain the power I need to be positive and have joy

Goal: Look forward to the new joy each moment without baggage brings

I give closure to the past
I cut the cords that bind me
I deserve to fulfil my destiny
I adjust to change in my life
I welcome change in my life
My future is full of possibilities
I invite new choices into my life
I live free from struggle and fear
My goals are becoming manifest
I seek and find what I need within me
I release my need to deaden my feelings
I release the past and welcome the future
Change in my life is a way for me to learn
The plan of my life reveals itself naturally
New realms of possibility gleam before me
I accept peace and joy in all aspects of my life
I learn valuable lessons from change in my life
I am in control of my life by the choices I make
I'm ready to live life to its fullest, and life's ready for me
I nurture my inner child, love her and have allowed her to heal
I make every act an act of love, freedom, mastery and hope
Goal: Relax, appreciate the joyful moments parenthood brings

Our child is loved
I do not need to fill my calendar
I see the treasures I already have
What I speak is heard and heeded
I allow myself to march at my own rhythm
My life is full of amazingly wonderful surprises
I am relaxed and at peace with my parenting skills
My children and I communicate well on all subjects
I feel like a grown-up, even when around my parents
I give myself credit for knowing what is best for my family
I know that each stage in life has its own rewards and benefits
I give myself permission for my children to love me the way I am
Goal: Learn gratitude for each moment; each sunrise brings new gifts
My life has purpose
I accept life as it is
The present is a gift
I recreate myself daily
It's okay to enjoy myself
I am creating the life I love
I cherish every moment of the day
Today is my chance to be healthy
The gift of laughter is a treasured gift
I'm calm and centred, now and always
I find my path following my inclinations
I integrate trust into every aspect of my life
I am allowed to stop and appreciate the quiet
My life is full of amazingly wonderful surprises
I am filled with energy to do all the daily activities in my life
Goal: Give out love, reap it back in!
All is right in the world
I like what I see all around me
The world is filled with wonder
I am a caring and sharing person
Lives are made better by our efforts
I am at peace with all those around me
I choose to connect with humanity today
I am enjoying co-creating a world of equality
As I prosper, everyone around me prospers
Goal: Revel in surrendering to the Universe; rejoice in true inner peace
My spiritual path is revealed
The Universe fulfils my every desire
I am at one with the inner child in me
I have come well prepared for this life
I am led exactly to where I need to be
As I listen to the Universe within, I am led
I am always in harmony with the Universe
The Universe assists me as I move forward
I am responsible for my own Spiritual Growth
I give myself permission to be at one with the Universe
Goal: Experience and appreciate Life. Enjoy gratitude for each moment

I am right here
Each moment shines on me
I am kissed by each moment
I stand in complete satisfaction
I embrace life in its absolute fullness
At this moment, I have all that I need
Each moment is a precious gift in beingness
This moment exists only if I reach out and take hold of it
Today I choose to do what I can.... and I can do anything
On the day of my death I will know that I laughed lovingly, fully and well

Goal: Material needs come to you as you need them
I am open to abundance
I am free of debt
I always spend money wisely
It's easy to manage my finances
I can relax concerning finances
It's okay to be wealthy and happy
My joy attracts financial resources
I am constantly adding to my income
At this moment, I have all that I need
Everything I touch returns riches to me
Dealing with money is as easy as breathing
I recognise resources I didn't know I had
I always have enough money for all that I need

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