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Moon Goddess - Manifest Your Dreams by Anita Ryan (2006)

Cover by Inspired Insight
ISBN (USA) 978-1-84728-869-1

ISBN (Australia)
0 9757451 8 2

Moon Goddess - Manifest Your Dreams  
USD $12.95  ::  AUD $15.95  ::  Download USD $9.95

What is the best time to start a new project? When are you likely to experience success in releasing bad habits or negative influences? How can I best manifest my dream? The answers lie in the cyclical nature of the moon and her energies.

Back by popular demand

By increasing your awareness of the moonís intuitive, emotional and compelling gifts, you can deepen your connection with your own feminine wisdom and power. In this easy-to-read guide and workbook, Anita Ryan-Revel shows you how you can manifest your dreams by reconnecting with moon and goddess energy.

The cyclical nature of the moon inspires the dreams, 
emotions and psyche of women all around the world. 
Empower your choices and dreams by working with moon energy.

Quick test: which goddess are you?

Amaterasu ::
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Kwan Yin ::
Lilith ::
Maia ::
Medusa ::
Nuit ::
Oshun ::
Ostara ::
Oya ::
Pallas ::
Pele ::
Persephone ::
Rhiannon ::
Tara ::
Tyche ::
Venus ::
Vesta ::
Yemaya ::


























Table of contents
The Meaning Of Moon
Moon Myths 
Moon Talk 
Gardening by the Moon 
Moon Signs and Mystical Notions 
Moon Phases 
Goddess Energy During the Phases 
Moon Wishes by Moon Phase 
A Moon For All Seasons 
Blue Moon 
Sabbat Moons 
Esbat Moons 
Esbat Goddesses
Moon Rituals 
Moon Gatherings Around the World 
Special Moontions and Cool Informoon-tion 

About the author 

Anita Ryan-Revel is creatrix of various goddess-inspired products, articles and the inspirational and ever-popular Goddess PlayshopTM. Many Facilitators now conduct these two-hour workshops in several countries around the world. Anita lives in Western Australia with her man, her son and her dog (also a male!)
Author comments
Until I was well into my twenties, I didnít know I was worthy of wonderful things, doings and beings in my life.

Hard to believe huh? Maybe so, but itís true - this simple assumption that everyone deserves to live with respect, love and joy was foreign to me.

In fact, it was only since my first encounter with the goddess in 1997 that I realised a magical and enriched life was entirely possibleÖ (Thank you Kwan Yin for visiting me in that fateful meditation!) It was only when I learned the love of the goddess and the power of chakra balancing that it all 'clicked'.

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