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Sacred Vigilance, Wide-Awake Meditation by Anita Revel (2008)

Cover by Inspired Insight

ISBN (Australia)

Sacred Vigilance - Wide-Awake Meditation  
AUD $19.95

Welcome to Sacred Vigilance™, the wide-awake meditation style that induces natural highs, promotes benevolence and love, and gets you completely (and almost illegally) blissed out.

Sacred Vigilance™ is an easy meditation style that doesn’t involve quiet space, rhythmic breathing, chanting, sub-consciousness, fasting, slowing, or anywhere-in-betweening. It can be done anywhere, any time – at the gym, at a café, in the supermarket queue… And perhaps best of all, it’s fun to do. You only need one minute, one hour or one afternoon for this meditation to manifest abundance and happiness for all, including your Self.

You have the power to make the world outside your head more beautiful because of what goes on inside your head. To succeed with Sacred Vigilance™, simply open your eyes, imagine the best, and enjoy the beautiful world you are co-creating with everyone around you.

AUD $19.95


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Meet the author
When: Thursday 28 August 2008, from 6.30pm.
Where: Beyond the Ordinary Tea House, Level 1, 314 Darling St, Balmain.
Bookings: Phone 02 9810 7399 to reserve your table.

When: Thursday 4 Sept - 7 Sept 2008.
Where: Conscious Living Expo, Claremont Showgrounds, Perth.
Bookings: Free all day. $25 for the Goddess Play workshop.

Reviews I'm enjoying reading your Wide Awake Meditation -- a bit lighter than the heavy yoga texts which I'm used to.
~ Anna Jarrett

Media Inner Peace for Busy Lives -- Southern Gazette 5 Nov 2008
In the Mood For Meditation -- The West 4 Nov 2008
Full Circle (radio show) -- RTR FM 19 Oct 2008

Table of contents
A Note From the Author 
The Need for Sacred Vigilance 
Sacred Vigilance is Born 
Sacred Vigilance 101 
The Three Stages of Sacred Vigilance 

Stage 1 – Open Your Eyes 
People-Appreciation: the Rules 
Other Things That Are Good To Know 
Compassionate Objectivity 
Staying Positively Gorgeous 
Painting a Word Portrait 
The Outer Indicators 
The Inner Indicators (Heart Chakra) 

Stage 2 – Imagine the Best 
The Law of Attraction 
Introducing the Law of Benevolence 
Collective Dynamism 
Tips For Success 
Notice Fear and Raise the Flag 
Beware the “Evil” Affirmation 
Give Yourself Permission Align Yourself 

Stage 3 – Think About It! 
Perfection in Self-Reflection 

Case studies 
Case Study 1: Prince Charming 
Case Study 2: First Meeting 
Case Study 3: There is a Goddess! 

It’s Your Turn to Shine 
Other Forms Of Sacred Vigilance 
Start a Chapter of Sacred Vigilance 
Notes & Doodles 
About the Author 
Goodies and Resources Cited

About the author 

Anita Revel is creatrix of various goddess-inspired products, articles and the inspirational and ever-popular Goddess PlayshopTM. Many Facilitators now conduct these two-hour workshops in several countries around the world. Anita lives in Western Australia with her heroes: her Super Man, her Boy Wonderful, her Little Goddess and her dyslexic god (which would explain why he doesn't realise he's a dog).
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