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The Goddess DIET, See a Goddess in the Mirror in 21 Days by Anita Revel

Love your body
Love your Self
Love your goddess within

The Goddess DIET,
See a Goddess in the Mirror in 21 Days
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Foodies rejoice! No more dangerous dieting; no more trash talking; no more self-loathingÖ When Anita Revel lost her libido, her self-respect and her aspiration to get another season out of her bikini, she embarked on a life-changing process to find her goddess within. In creating The Goddess DIET, she found dozens of Daily Intentional Empowerment Tools (íDIETí) to realign her physical, emotional and spiritual behaviours for holistic well-being. The Goddess DIET works because it connects the three crucial relationships between body, mind and spirit for a healthy self-esteem. Lose your inner critic, gain more energy and fall in self-love.



The Goddess DIET Companion

Love your body, love your Self, love your goddess within

This is a journal and workbook to help you love your body, love your Self. It is the perfect companion in which to record your musings as you journey through The Goddess DIET.

Write, create, invent, explore, get lost, be found, fly, dance, spin, whisper, sing, doodle, draw, let go, find your spark and come home to your true essence.


Quick test: which goddess are you?

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Warning: side-effects!
Before undertaking The Goddess DIET, be warned that the following side-effects have been reported by women who have completed the program:
  • Inexplicable desires to dance;
  • Bursts of random happiness;
  • Outbreaks of outrageous luck;
  • Unsolicited acts of kindness to self;
  • Eruptions of revived passion for living;
  • Frequent glimpses of your inner wow factor;
  • Spontaneous bouts of smiling for no reason;
  • Unprecedented feelings of self-respect;
  • Unintentional moments of cheerfulness;
  • Easy-peasy weight regulation;
  • Effortless energy throughout the day;
  • Irresistible attraction to love and light;
  • Multitudes of women asking for your secret;
  • Earth-shattering sense of peace and well-being;
  • Holistic health in all aspects of your life.
Disclaimer: Please do not purchase or share this book unless you are prepared to accept and relish the consequences as outlined above.
Complementary products & services
Various products, services and experts are mentioned in The Goddess DIET. They are as follows:
  • The Chakra Goddess Guided Visualisation: Listen to the visualisation to access deep feelings and knowledge within, and be open to receiving divinely channelled messages throughout this 21- minute chakra journey.
  • BOTIBOTO (Beautiful On the Inside Beautiful On The Outside) is an empowerment story for well-rounded women, and is a story of celebrities, body image, and how one girl found her divine inner spark because of it all.
  • The Goddess-ence Vibrational Essences are still being developed, but their progress can be followed on the igoddess blog.
  • Fox Maisel is the creatrix of the yoga poses suggested in the book, and also of
The body- mind- spirit connection
The Goddess DIET is not a punishment. It is not about starvation, regimen, sweat or sacrifice. This new DIET is an acronym for Daily Intentional Empowerment Tools. It is a reward for following a responsible, easy and holistic approach to good health and a happy life. This holistic approach is made up of three essential facets:

Your Body

The first part of this DIET is based on the single and simple principle of being kind to your body. Call it what you will - a vehicle, a temple, a house for your soul - in any case it needs maintenance to serve you well for the rest of your days. Your body is a barometer for your self-respect: disrespect your body and it will stop co-operating. You'll tire more easily, become grumpy more quickly, and get creaky when you move. Lord knows, a woman is only as young as her joints. How you treat your body is a direct measure of your self-worth. To improve your standing, this section focuses on increasing your awareness of how food and food types affect your body and health, and how the right combination of food and exercise makes you feel fabulous and comfortable in your skin. We'll also look at some easy ways to overcome toxic habits. With practice you'll be able to give your inner cynic the flick and give your body the respect it deserves.

Your Mind

Your mind and your attitude play a vital role in how you feel about your body and your life. This DIET dedicates a sizeable section to re-training your mind and your attitude so you can see good health is easy and achievable. It is also so you can see the exquisite beauty in your body and your lifestyle choices. Love your body, love your Self. I will show you how to recognise signs of self-sabotage, and how to curb habits of self-criticism and self- destruction. This does take some commitment, but remember, it is simply conditioning that created the 'you' that you are now. And just as you were conditioned to be a certain way, you can certainly teach yourself to be another way.

Your Spirit

It is possible that as a child you were taught to rely on a greater power as your source of strength - Jesus, God/dess, Angels, Buddha, Shiva, the Universe, the Lord and Lady, a horny goat-god, an alien, Vogue magazine... There are as many faith systems as there are bubbles in my champagne glass. In this DIET, you are encouraged to reclaim your power from outer influences. To do this, there are various ways to take the responsibility for your self-love into your own hands. This way, you only have yourself to thank for your shining success ;-) We'll leave behind systems of deferred blame and gratitude, and empower ourselves instead by reconnecting with our authentic power within. I call this authentic power your 'inner goddess' - the beautiful and sacred being you were born to be. Love your body, love your Self, love your goddess within...

Author comments

If youíre reading this book because you think itís a manual for weight-loss, itís my guess you:

a) think youíre fat;
b) really are fat;
c) both of the above.

Take heart. If you are conditioned to be ashamed of your curves (as I was when I started this program), well, itís time to overhaul your thinking about dieting, your body, your body image, your self esteem and your holistic well-being. Itís time to get real.

It is my pleasure to redefine the concept of dieting by providing you with Daily Intentional Empowerment Tools (íDIETí) to help you feel good about yourself. No more dangerous dieting; no more trash talking; no more self-loathingÖ The Goddess DIET realigns your physical, emotional and spiritual behaviours so that you can see a goddess in the mirror within 21 days.

When I first developed The Goddess DIET in 2005, my initial goal was to get back into my bikini. Happily, this program taught me so much more about myself and my values so that eventually, the bikini became a non-issue - I soon realised it was my attitude that was keeping me in the loop of self-loathing.

So, this project is the result of my decision to change my life in order to regain it. Physically, I found the ideal weight for my body (and my wardrobe!) that is sustainable, healthy and keeps me energised. And although I did lose a dress size as a side-effect of respecting my body, I attained so much more than a simple diet plan could have given me - I also benefited enormously on emotional and spiritual levels too. I lost my inner critic, gained more energy and fell in self-love.

Nearly four years on, Iím still living The Goddess DIET with ease. In fact, even though Iím a rampant foodie, regard champagne as a major food group, and have a new baby at the time of completing this book, Iím still lighter, healthier and happier than ever before.

I recorded the journey so you can see that even someone with a history of bulimia and chronic lethargy can overcome ingrained self-loathing and see a goddess in the mirror in 21 days. Herewith, is my journey, Ďwartsí, tantrums, tiaras and all.

Spotlight on... Why 21 Days?

Thanks to the work by plastic surgeon Dr Maxwell Maltz in the 1950s and '60s, it is now accepted that it takes 21 days to break a habit. This came about when Dr Maltz noticed his patients would often feel the same on the inside even if they'd had reconstructive surgery to look different on the outside. He realised that a person's relationship with their inner-self self paves the way for how they see their outer-self, so in an effort to avoid the scalpel, set about improving self-image as a means to repairing the patient's outer-self.

Upon further investigation, he noted in his book, Psycho-Cybernatics (Pocket Books 1971), that it took 21 days for amputees to cease 'feeling' their amputated limb. He applied the same 21-day window to create self-image improvement prior to surgery, with the result being surgery became unnecessary for many patients.

Dr Maltz's 21-day theory was supported when Yale School of Medicine researchers looked closely at synaptic connections (the brain circuitry that allows brain cells to talk to each other). According to Charles Greer, professor of neurosurgery and neurobiology and senior author of the study1, synaptic connections " not appear until 21 days after the birth of new brain cells."

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