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Who is the Inner Goddess?
Every woman is goddess! Our inner consciousness connects with different goddess attributes at different times at work or play, in the mornings or evenings and through moon cycles. Each goddess brings her essential energy to energise us through each stage. When we recognise and harness the goddess energy that is working within, we have successfully reconnected with our own Inner Goddess.

Who are the goddesses?  
In the beginning, women were acknowledged and revered as the spiritual keepers - pregnant women especially were enshrined, the gift of life being a sacred mystery. Every culture globally knew and accepted the loving rule of the goddesses. Modern women are now "remembering" their rightful place in the world... you are here at this site after all!

Tips on how to be goddess
Cultivate intuition
Glow with inner beauty and sensuality  
Shine and inspire 
Share your knowledge  
Radiate with love and light 
Raise as a Sun Goddess  
Be strong like the lioness 
Radiate like fire 
Hold your vision without reservation 
Plan step-by-step between here and its reality 
Realise your dream, revel in its manifestation


We are surrounded by goddesses, and it feels good to recognise their beautiful energy by telling the world. Here is your chance to acknowledge the sparkling goddess in your life. Who do you think deserves the Aussie Goddess Award? Tell me who you think is a goddess and why, and permission to tell her story. 


Do the celebrities live up to their goddess birth sign? Read these celebrity profiles and make up your own mind...


Breathe, relax, look at the cards below and feel which one "speaks" to you the strongest. Click on that card to be linked to a goddess with her message to you. 

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Amaterasu ::
Aphrodite ::
Astarte ::
Artemis ::
Athena ::
Baba Yaga ::
Bast ::
Baubo ::
Bodicea ::
Brigid ::
Caffeina ::
Calypso ::
Ceres ::
Cerridwen ::
Circe ::
Demeter ::
Diana ::
Eostre ::
Epona ::
Fortuna ::
Freja ::
Gaia ::
Ge ::
Hathor ::
Hecate ::
Hestia ::
Hina  ::
Iambe ::
Inanna ::
Ishtar ::
Isis ::
IxChel ::
Juno ::
Kali ::
Kwan Yin ::
Lilith ::
Maia ::
Medusa ::
Nuit ::
Oshun ::
Ostara ::
Oya ::
Pallas ::
Pele ::
Persephone ::
Rhiannon ::
Tara ::
Tyche ::
Venus ::
Vesta ::
Yemaya ::


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