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Kali's esoteric attributes are PASSION and physical and sexual energy. Be alert to those who undermine your self-confidence - Kali is here to hurl your life onto a new path that will ultimately prove to be more fulfilling than your current path.



  • My new life path reveals itself to me
  • I say goodbye to destructive influences
  • There are rainbows in every rainfall
  • I am awake to my life's calling
  • I welcome Kali's strength & recuperative powers
  • I trust the Universe to provide
  • It's OK to release my juicy anger
  • I can say "no" to negative influences

ESSENCE: Goddessence KALI 100% pure essential oil blend

GEMSTONES: Ruby, garnet, bloodstone, tourmaline, smoky quartz (red stones)

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Kali 100% pure essential oil blend for the
 Base Chakra
Reclaim your independent spirit

If you are feeling "stuck in a rut", use this Base Chakra blend to energise your intention. The blend of five 100% pure essential oils represents strength, unwavering willpower and insight. It helps you purge elements of destruction in your life and reclaim your independent spirit by directing your life onto a new path - your true path. Walk with confidence and know your place in the world.


According to ancient Hindu tradition, Kali is the mother of us all. Kali is often depicted as a bloodthirsty harbinger of destruction, but this is so that through death we can experience the wonder of rebirth. Hence, when our lives seem as though they are out of control, this is Kali telling us that we have not chosen the right path. Through Kali's strength, we are forced out of complacency and fear to find the right path for ourselves.


Kali has unwavering judgement, strong willpower and penetrative insight. She also characterises how we feel about our attachments to people and possessions, and how we react when we are threatened with losing them. Don't be afraid to shed - Kali offers you the strength to rid your life of excess baggage, to confront the forces that threaten you, to destroy the elements of destruction in your life. Once this is done, you can celebrate new life!


Kali is related to our root chakra, home of the kundalini energy. When our root chakra is in balance, we feel secure, alert, stable - our lives are full of active and positive energy. If you are not feeling like this, it is no wonder Kali is speaking to you today. Sit on the floor, close your eyes, and while nurturing a related gemstone, feel your spine grow and take root in the earth. Feel the strength of the earth energise your spine and your body. You are indestructable! You are strong! You can shake the weight from your shoulders and conquer the demon shadowing your life.

Go Warrior Woman!!


Hi Anita, 

A while back, you and I were sharing insights about life, how much I loved your goddess book and how she reminded me of me. And a bunch of other cool topics! Oh, and I received my painting. It's #1 in #250!! I was sooo excited! Thank you! She's in the process of getting framed brilliantly. It's amazing the friends and family that see my painting and say, "That's you, M!!"

Since I'm still a goddess newbie, and the information you shared with me was so helpful in understanding myself (Like Persephone!), well I just want to let you know you did it again. I received my monthly inner goddess email, about Kali. THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT'S BEEN HAPPENING LATELY! And the growing pains have been very painful. I was even going back to my maiden name to diffuse the negative energy that surrounded my marriage and divorce. Over the past year, I've found myself really knowing the path I wanted, and have been on it, but the distractions and roadblocks have been persistent, quirky, and effective, and many times damaging. I told myself, "Hold it! We can't go backwards! We've worked too hard for too long to go forwards. So, what the heck?!" 

I dedicated myself to deep praying all weekend, to reposition myself, even though I've been confused and afraid. THEN I get your email today and I said, Anita did it again! Your goddess of wisdom helped solve a mystery for this goddess of naivety. 

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, and bless you . . . 


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