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The first feminist and liberationist, Lilith boldly instructs us to stand up for what we believe in,
 unbridled and courageous no matter what the cost.



  • I forgive
  • I welcome forgiveness
  • I am free from judgement
  • I deserve to be free from guilt
  • I am creating the life I love
  • I am tolerant of unenlightened people
  • My vital energy resurfaces naturally
  • I am honest and truthful in all I say and do

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This Sumerian and Hebrew goddess, once honoured for her wisdom, freedom, courage, playfulness, passion, pleasure and sexuality in pre-2300BC, was portrayed as a demon by Levite priests at the dawn of patriarchy.

In Western tradition, she was the original partner of Adam, created equally together in the image of Elohin (a word for "god", having feminine and masculine linguistic roots). Her liberationist attitude and assertive behaviour was threatening to the emerging patriarchs, and led to her expulsion from Eden to be replaced by the more subservient Eve.

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hich Goddess are You at Work?
Which Goddess are You at Work?
Which Goddess are You at Work?
Which Goddess are You at Work?
Which Goddess are You at Work?
Which Goddess are You at Work?
Which Goddess are You at Work?
Which Goddess are You at Work?
Which Goddess are You at Work?
Which Goddess are You at Work?
Which Goddess are You at Work?

Poem contributed by Kathy: :

Lilith Remembered

Once I hated you.

You patriarchs
with your systems of cruelty.
You and your sky gods
who abhorred
and her children.
You suppressed our rituals,
you demonized our blood….
The very blood
to this sweet Earth
and gave you
the body you've used
    to rape us
    to beat us
    to keep us prisoners
          in the marriage of our worlds.

I wondered:

How could you do this to us ~
your Mothers, your Sisters,
your Daughters, your Lovers?
How could you
keep us veiled
mutilate our bodies
silence us….
I remember the slaughter
in Jericho
(a "dedication" to your sky god)
in Europe
(an "exorcism" of your devil)

Millions dead
for the theft of our land.
A holocaust

Oh - I hated you!
   A hatred alive,
       and - oh, so dangerous…..

Now, I am remembering
that Time is cyclical.
The Moon shows me
how cycles work
from crescent to full to dark
and back again
and again
and again…..

I sigh ~
Perhaps this last cycle
    had to be??
Was this the dark part
of the cycle?
If so……tell me this:
Were you conscious
during the horror?
Or was you job
    so achingly painful
that you covered it
An anger so strong
that it kept
your brute strength
Because, surely
we of the Age of Mothers
would find a way
to fight back
to protect our children ~
you, being one of them.


Can it be true
that your destruction
of the Mother
was part of the cycle?
One which is
coming to an end
giving way to
Where we ~
You and I ~
participate together
this time
not as children
  nor as Mother to her Son/Lover
    nor as Father to his Daughter/Wife
together as adults
trying to understand

I once said:
Never again!!
My hatred so great
for you, my destroyer.
You seemed ~
and, oh, sometimes still do ~
to enjoy your role as

But ~ I remember

The cycle is changing
you cannot stop it
              thousands of years

Now ~
Aware again
     of cyclical
I stand on the edge
     of this new crescent
And hold out
     my hands
   to you…….

Who once I hated.
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