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Nuit's esoteric attributes are those of oneness, bliss and universal love. She helps us bond with our planetary family, while her cosmic energy acts as our bridge to the realm of cosmic consciousness, thereby removing barriers of segregation.



  • I am an indivisible whole
  • I am charged with cosmic energy
  • I am in control of my destiny
  • I am one with humanity
  • I am connected with the cosmic source
  • Every person carries a piece of the puzzle

ESSENCE: Goddessence NUIT 100% pure essential oil blend

GEMSTONES: Amethyst, moss agate, chalcedony, amber, celestite, diamond


Nuit 100% pure essential oil blend for the
 Crown Chakra
- Understand your destiny

If you are seeking deep understanding, wisdom and connection to the Universe, use this blend of four 100% pure essential oils to help you rediscover your direction. Gain a sense of oneness with all and a sense of clarity, understanding and absolute confidence as the indivisible soul in control of your destiny. Feel a sense bliss when attuned with Nuit's divine energy.


Nuit is an Egyptian goddess, typically depicted as a gateway between heaven and earth. Her body arches over the earth into the skies, while her hands and feet connect to the earth, thus forming the gateway. 

In ancient Egypt, heaven was the body of a woman, and the stars formed the cloak of this beautiful Sky Queen. Hence, she is often depicted set against a turquoise day sky or wearing a dress of stars against a royal-blue night.

Her symbols: a pot, turquoise mask, a star, wind, cow images, representing cosmic regenerative energy.


Nuit (pronounced Nut) is related to our crown chakra - our connection with cosmic light. When this chakra is in balance, we have a feeling of oneness with ALL, and an inordinate sense of bliss.

To communicate with Nuit takes deep relaxation in order to open our crown chakra to send and receive the cosmic impulses that let us enjoy empowered lives with absolute confidence.

When the crown chakra is open, some women may experience a contact with a guide, whether by voice, automatic writing, or other stimulus. To achieve this, a deep meditative state is necessary, as well as an openness, will and intent to meet your life guide.

It may take more than one session to conquer traditional barriers to opening oneself to the universe's pulse. As Nuit is associated with the colour purple, it may help to surround yourself in violet, purple and amethyst influences. If blockages continue, work on your chakras so that all are in balance and you are truly ready to soar.


This meditation has been borrowed from a goddess intuition teacher.

In a quiet space on a starry night, visualise the immensity of Nuit's body in the night sky above you. See her smiling at you, inviting you to join her. You step onto a spiralling path of stars that has appeared in front of you. Now you are surrounded by Nuit's immensity, her vastness, her blackness. You continue to climb the spiral path of stars until you are standing before her welcoming being. She holds out her arms and you walk into her embrace, engulfed by her wondrous mystery. You open your heart and experience a deep sense of oneness with the unknown. You feel safe and calm, centred and secure in Her embrace. You stay there until you feel full, satisfied, ready to move on. Thanking Nuit, you walk the spiral path of stars back to Earth, back to your home, back to your body. Take a deep breath and, when ready, open your eyes. Welcome home!

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