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Wise and magical goddess of the moon, Rhiannon hears our wishes and guides us
 on the path of inspiration - but only if we learn how to ask!



  • I ask and therefore I receive
  • I deserve to fulfil my destiny
  • I welcome change in my life
  • I see the path intended for me
  • My future is full of possibilities
  • I invite new choices into my life
  • My goals are becoming manifest
  • I deserve to have my dreams realised

ESSENCE: Goddessence NUIT 100% pure essential oil blend

GEMSTONES: Cat's-eye, ruby and moonstone

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Rhiannon (Great Queen) was the lunar Welsh Goddess of fertility and rebirth, transformation, wisdom, and magic. Goddess of ethereal beauty, she was born with the first moonrise, Muse of poets, source of artistic inspiration, she was worshipped outside amidst the trees at woodland alters and underneath the Moonlight. 

As goddess of fertility, Rhiannon gave birth to a son, Pryderi, at Yule - the winter solstice being a significant reminder that the ultimate product of death is rebirth. (Centuries later, in 273 C.E. (Common Era), Christians adopted this time of Yule as Jesus' birth). 

Ultimately, Rhiannon is honoured for granting the wishes of those who could ask for what they want, and she is known to scorn those who cannot, or will not, ask for what they want. 

To find out more about Rhiannon - her history and how her energy applies to you as a modern woman - you may join the innergoddess group (free) and receive a goddess message by email every Monday via Yahoo Groups. Your details are strictly confidential.

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hich Goddess are You at Work?
Which Goddess are You at Work?
Which Goddess are You at Work?
Which Goddess are You at Work?
Which Goddess are You at Work?
Which Goddess are You at Work?
Which Goddess are You at Work?
Which Goddess are You at Work?
Which Goddess are You at Work?
Which Goddess are You at Work?
Which Goddess are You at Work?

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