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The goddess of fortune rules individuals' degree of Life and Luck. 
In helping others improve their fortune, Tyche's dice will roll in our favour.



  • It's okay to be wealthy and happy
  • Lives are made better by my efforts
  • The Universe supports my every effort
  • I recognise resources I didn't know I had
  • As I prosper, everyone around me prospers

ESSENCE: Goddessence ATHENA 100% pure essential oil blend

GEMSTONES: Lapis lazuli, aquamarine, turquoise (light blue stones), citrine, pyrite

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Tyche (pronounced tee-chee) is the Greek goddess of fortune. Although she was a daughter of Zeus, she was reputed to be quite irresponsible. She preferred to run about juggling a ball than to carry the Cornucopia filled with golden fruit, instead entrusting the task to her assistant Plutus. The first set of dice were found in Tyche's temple perhaps indicating the capriciousness of life and luck and the fickle manner in which she decided the fortunes of mortals.

"Fortune" has a broader implication than material wealth. It is also intrinsically connected to the vagaries of fate and the degree of luck one encounters in life. On another plane again, it is also about the growth of our spiritual, physical, mental selves, and those of our neighbours.


I absolutely love your words - I love the information. It is such a great and positive way to start my mornings. I will carry some dice today. I also am forwarding your message to my mother who will also be encouraged and reminded what we already know - 'the circle of cleaning out things to make way for the new, also the reciprocation of sharing and receiving all flowing in a circle or is a figure eight of eternity more appropriate?' Thanks for being here and I am thankful I found you.
~ Sincerely, Serene

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hich Goddess are You at Work?
Which Goddess are You at Work?
Which Goddess are You at Work?
Which Goddess are You at Work?
Which Goddess are You at Work?
Which Goddess are You at Work?
Which Goddess are You at Work?
Which Goddess are You at Work?
Which Goddess are You at Work?
Which Goddess are You at Work?
Which Goddess are You at Work?

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