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"Goddess On Board" bumper sticker.

 Goddess On Board  bumper sticker

This UV vinyl bumper sticker will help you find parking spaces, promote "goddess-ness" in your fellow drivers, and get you toots from others who appreciate the goddess that you are! Price includes postage.

The Top 5 reasons why you need this "Goddess On Board" bumper sticker on your car's rear window:

5. To attract goddess blessings for a safe journey;

4. To manifest parking spaces exactly where you need them;

3. To encourage courtesy in other drivers;

2. To raise goddess consciousness in all men and women;

And the number one reason for telling the world you're a goddess...

1. To get lots of toots from the hotties sharing the road with you ;-)

Measures 5cm x 21cm

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List Price: $5.00
Price: $5.00
4.95 USD 5.50 NZD
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