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2011: Creating My Goddess Year<br>Workbook by Leonie Allan (Paperback)

2011: Creating My Goddess Year
Workbook by Leonie Allan (Paperback).


The “2011: Creating My Goddess Year” Workbook, Planner and Calendar was conjured up by Leonie Allan to help you dream, create and manifest an incredible, magical year. The beautiful worksheets, power tools and bonus printable calendar guide you to set your intentions, plan and cultivate your amazing new year, and make it happen. Click here for the juicy details

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Price: $27.00
26.73 USD 29.70 NZD

<font color=lime>Goddess Library Set</font>

Goddess Library Set.


Save on postage and order the "goddess library" as a set. Special offer for inner goddess members: get 25% off the "goddess library" using the special code you'll find in your welcome letter. That represents a $30+ saving (inc postage).

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List Price: $80.85
Price: $80.85
80.04 USD 88.94 NZD

Affirmation Goddess BOOK ONLY (no cards)

Affirmation Goddess BOOK ONLY (no cards).


Want to experience the Affirmation Goddess without investing in the full box set? While stocks last, you can order the guidebook for just $4.95, or get it free with every order over $50. (Please leave a note in the comments box if you wish to claim this offer).

The book contains essential advice for how to create your own perfect affirmation, keys to using affirmations successfully, and tips for knowing which affirmation to choose for your situation. The affirmations are based on the seven states of wellbeing, so no matter what your situation, you will find an affirmation that is right for you.

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List Price: $4.95
Price: $4.95
4.90 USD 5.45 NZD

Affirmation Goddess Box Set: <br>60 cards + 148p book. <b>PRE-RELEASE OFFER</b>

Affirmation Goddess Box Set:
60 cards + 148p book. PRE-RELEASE OFFER.


The pre-release offer is now closed. The cards are available in the Reading Matters category. Make sure you "like" the Facebook page for instant updates, new affirmations, sharing and inspiration.

List Price: $29.95
Price: $29.95
29.65 USD 32.95 NZD
Out of Stock

CD: Chakra Chants

CD: Chakra Chants.


This is by far the most beautiful and transformative chakra chants I have experienced. "Chakra Chants" combines the seven Sacred Vowels with Bija Mantras from the Vedic traditions with Pythagorean tunings, Elemental and Shabd Yoga Sounds, Male and Female choral Voices and Sound Current Toning and more for an extraordinary hour long psycho-sonic experience. Designed for meditation and deep sound healing.

List Price: $29.90
Price: $22.50
22.28 USD 24.75 NZD

CD:<Font color=white>1</font>Goddess Awakening

CD:1Goddess Awakening.


Goddess Awakening Self Hypnosis CD: Empowering and Honouring Your Feminine Divine.

This CD is a journey of powerful self-healing and self-realisation formulated to empower every woman on all levels. Rediscover the beauty of the goddess who dwells deep within.

Price: $34.50
34.16 USD 37.95 NZD

For Creative / Corporate Goddesses

For Creative / Corporate Goddesses.


Is it a bracelet? Or is it a cleverly disguised 2Gb USB memory stick for the corporate goddess? It's both! This funky bracelet is both functional and pretty. Click here for more details. psssst InnerGoddess Members get a 50% discount on this item. Keep an eye out on your "welcome" letter for your coupon code. (Membership is free)

List Price: $39.95
Price: $39.95
39.55 USD 43.95 NZD

Limited edition:  Free to Be, Goddess  Print

Limited edition: "Free to Be, Goddess" Print.


Now you can own a limited edition print of the 'frolicking goddess' that greets visitors to this website. Sooooo many women (and men!) connect with this concept of 'true goddess' that I am offering a limited edition of 250 numbered and signed prints of "Free to Be, Goddess" for your collection.

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List Price: $333.00
Price: $333.00
329.67 USD 366.30 NZD

Lucky Dip

Lucky Dip.


And now for a bit of fun! Have a lucky dip and see what fate delivers you :-) A Lucky Dip is a surprise gift hidden in a little bag... who knows what the goddess has in mind for you! (grins)! :: anita ::

List Price: $7.00
Price: $7.00
6.93 USD 7.70 NZD

Meditation egg

Meditation egg.


Goddess eggs fit snugly into the palm of your hand. Feel the fertile and creative energy of the goddess resonate and inspire as you hold her. This is a cast stone sculpture crafted in Australia - 55mm x 40mm (2" x1.5")

Give it as a special gift to celebrate pregnancy. Or gift it to yourself to invite more fertility in your life - bring life to ideas, projects, love and abundance.

List Price: $35.00
Price: $33.30
32.97 USD 36.63 NZD

The 7-Day Chakra Workout Tool Kit (modified)

The 7-Day Chakra Workout Tool Kit (modified).


This kit has been put together to complement Anita Revel's "7-Day Chakra Workout" and contains: Click here for info

Save $$$ by purchasing these essential tools as a kit. Note, kit components have changed due to a shortage of some products.

Also note, InnerGoddess members get a further 10% discount simply by entering their redemption code - become a member to get your $$$ discount on the list price too!

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List Price: $153.00
Price: $137.00
135.63 USD 150.70 NZD

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