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 Certified Goddess  fridge magnet

"Certified Goddess" fridge magnet.


You know you're a goddess, so boast about it! This star-shaped fridge magnet will remind you each morning to reconnect with the goddess within. Note: This magnet is included in every product order as a gifty!

Price: $4.95
4.90 USD 5.45 NZD
Out of Stock

 Goddess On Board  bumper sticker

"Goddess On Board" bumper sticker.


This UV vinyl bumper sticker is provided as a gifty with every book order. Having this on your car will help you find parking spaces, promote "goddess-ness" in your fellow drivers, and get you toots from others who appreciate the goddess that you are! Click on "details" to view the sticker and read the Top 5 Reasons Why You Need This Bumper Sticker.

List Price: $5.00
Price: $5.00
4.95 USD 5.50 NZD
Out of Stock

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