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Pendant - Terracotta Dragonfly

Pendant - Terracotta Dragonfly.


Diffuse essential oils wherever you go with the hands-free, wearable diffuser; a Terra Cotta Pendant... The image on the pendant is of the Dragonfly, who symbolises wisdom, imagination, prosperity and harmony.

List Price: $19.00
Price: $19.00
18.81 USD 20.90 NZD

Pendulum - Goddess

Pendulum - Goddess.


Using a pendulum is a form of 'kinesiology'. As with muscle testing, your own 'body spirit' or 'body angel' who is in charge of moving the subtle energy around your body, responds to your thoughts and words using that energy to move the pendulum and answer your questions...

Use this beautifully weighted amethyst pendulum next time you want to channel your intuition.

Price: $28.00
27.72 USD 30.80 NZD

Scott Alexander King's <br> Essential Chakra Animals  Blends

Scott Alexander King's
"Essential Chakra Animals" Blends.


Australia's foremost animal shamanist, Scott Alexander King, has named the seven 100% pure essential oil blends after seven archtypal animals that represent the essential aspects of life: koala, snake, bee, dog, eagle, dolphin and magpie. Use these blends as a tool for understanding messages constantly being transferred between you, your body, your intuition and animal medicine.
Order these directly from Scott

List Price: $130.00
Price: $130.00
128.70 USD 143.00 NZD

Sell-Out: Plastic bottles and lids

Sell-Out: Plastic bottles and lids.


Clearance! I need to clear some room in my studio, so these bottles have been selected to go at their wholesale price. They hold 125mL, and come with a gold-foil rimmed lid. 150 in stock, and they MUST SELL. Min order 10 units.

Price: $2.00
1.98 USD 2.20 NZD

Spheres mag issue 16 featuring <br>Anita's 7-Day Chakra Makeover

Spheres mag issue 16 featuring
Anita's 7-Day Chakra Makeover.


Anita Ryan-Revel's 7-Day Chakra Workout revolves around seven essential tools over seven days, and is featured in issue 16 of Spheres magazine (with Anita on the cover).

magazine option:
Price: $7.95
7.87 USD 8.75 NZD

Starter Kit for Retailers and Healers

Starter Kit for Retailers and Healers.


Representing great value, this starter's kit for retailers and healers includes six sets of oils for resale + 1 set (free) to use as testers. RRP price is show here, but wholesaler customers get 40% off. Click on "more info" to read about more benefits available to retailers and healers. Email Anita for your wholesale log-in details.

List Price: $910.00
Price: $780.00
772.20 USD 858.00 NZD

The 7-Day Chakra Workout Tool Kit (modified)

The 7-Day Chakra Workout Tool Kit (modified).


This kit has been put together to complement Anita Revel's "7-Day Chakra Workout" and contains: Click here for info

Save $$$ by purchasing these essential tools as a kit. Note, kit components have changed due to a shortage of some products.

Also note, InnerGoddess members get a further 10% discount simply by entering their redemption code - become a member to get your $$$ discount on the list price too!

magazine option:
Optional Extras:
Optional Extras:
List Price: $153.00
Price: $137.00
135.63 USD 150.70 NZD

Wholesale: Cleanskin <font color=blue>150mL (5 fl oz)</font> blends

Wholesale: Cleanskin 150mL (5 fl oz) blends.


Calling all soap-makers, candle-crafters, heat pack creators... Use these wholesale blends at 1/4 of the retail price. At this price, for 125mL (4.2 fl oz), you are buying the equivalent of 25 bottles for the price of 7.

W'sale # Bottles:
W'sale Blend Selection:
List Price: $4200.00
Price: $147.00
145.53 USD 161.70 NZD

Wholesale: Cleanskin <font color=blue>75mL (2.5 fl oz)</font> blends

Wholesale: Cleanskin 75mL (2.5 fl oz) blends.


Calling all soap-makers, candle-crafters, heat pack creators... Use these wholesale blends at 1/3 of the retail price. Buying the blends this way is equivalent to buying 15 bottles at the price of 4.5 bottles.

W'sale # Bottles:
W'sale Blend Selection:
List Price: $2100.00
Price: $88.20
87.32 USD 97.02 NZD

Wild Woman Weekend, 18-20 May 2012

Wild Woman Weekend, 18-20 May 2012.


The 7th and FINAL annual event in Western Australia, 18-20 May 2012, is devoted to growing self-love, developing our own personal power in healthy ways, identifying and overcoming obstacles and blasting through blocks and boundaries that no longer serve us! We are all metamorphosing, co-creating with changes and shifts, and learning to flourish in the new energy. We will laugh, explore, dance, feast, listen, share and learn together in the spirit of wild women growing strength and loving power for the next stage of our lives. Together we will learn the dance of change, and become free!

Note: There is a 10% discount for concession card holders, early bird registrations (until 15 December 2011) and returnees! Click on details to view your codes.

Dietary requirements:
Special requests?:
Price: $575.00
569.25 USD 632.50 NZD

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